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Hey guys. JR. Fisher here it is Tuesday. Yeah I think so. Around 7:00 o’clock. after 7:00 o’clock on the West Coast. And I want to talk to you real quick because I saw somebody today and they had posted something and they said that they were running this Facebook ads and they were going to use their pixel right now. But they were going to use it later on wow is that a mistake. And I want to kind of go through real quick what a Facebook pixel is. You’ve probably heard of it and you may not know the importance of it but it is huge in your success online. First off what a Facebook pixel is is. There is one associated with every single add account. So you’re gonna have an attic. And you can have more than one an account. I have several accounts and that pixel is actually going to learn the type of people that are gonna buy the product you are offering. So let’s give you an example I have one Facebook pixel and it is warmed up.

They call it to the survival industry and the survival industry is people who buy survival food and survival supplies and they are into preparedness and that type of thing. And we have a pixel for that. Now I have also I have another Pixel for people who want to make money online. You know if you listen to this you’re probably one of those people. And what that pixel does is it knows people who are interested in making money online and e-commerce or doing affiliate marketing some way of actually making money online. That’s what that pixel spawned. Now here’s the deal with pixels. What it does is it starts to record the type of person that is doing the thing that Facebook is telling you. Excuse me that you’re telling Facebook that you wanted to do so. To give you an example if I ran an ad to sell a book on how to make money online that particular pixel would look for that type of person. Now if I didn’t use a pixel OK like if I did what this person said they were just going to run ads and they were going to use the pixel right now. Then that would be equivalent to going out and running a billboard out in the middle of the interstate and putting your offer up there and hoping somebody buys. Now obviously billboards are not real targeted because anybody can drive down the interstate.

Anybody can see your billboard. But the truth is probably nobody’s even looking at it. And that’s basically what will happen if you run a Facebook ad without a pixel. So there’s a couple parts to a pixel. The first part is your pixel itself. And what that’s going to do is record any anytime somebody clicks or goes somewhere you know it’s your landing page or sales page or something like that. And it’s going to record those people. Now the cool thing about doing that is later on you can go back and you can run an ad to people who let’s say went to your landing page or went to your sales page or went to your website or you know liked your page or something along those lines. Now the next part of a pixel is actually the code and it can be a conversion code. It can be a lead generation code. It can be a number of different things. But we’re going to we’re going to just for the example of this we’re going to talk about the pixel itself and the conversion code. So the conversion code works along with the pixel and it tells Facebook if people did something you want them to do so to give you an example let’s say you have a sales page and online sales page you have a product that’s for sale and when they go there they’re going to get pixel. OK so that’s the first step.

Those people are going to get pixel and you’re going to know that those people with. Right. Awesome cool. The next thing is we’re going to use our converging code. The conversion code itself is going to go one the page that the person would see if they bought your product. So to give you an example of if I’m if I’m selling let’s say my book. OK. And if somebody clicks on the page and goes to the page where it tells them about the book they’re going to a pixel. If they go to the page where it says thank you for buying my book. That’s the conversion code. OK. Or the next page maybe it’s not the thank you page. Maybe it’s an upsell page where if they bought my book The next thing I want to send them to is maybe a course I’ve got for sale. And the only way to get to that course is if they bought the book because they wouldn’t see the next page. So you could put your conversion code there. Now what happens with that. Well Facebook looks at this and every time that conversion code fires they go back and they look at the individual that did that thing that they opted in that they gave you a lead that they bought your product and they say Ah that’s the kind of person that JR’s is looking for because they just did what we were asked to do and that was to get them to buy his product.

OK. So what you’re what you’re left with is you’ve got your pixel you’re going to pixel people and then you got to people that bought. Now another thing that Facebook is going to do is every time they buy or they opt in or whatever it’s going to register that as a person in your ads account that did something you wanted. Now the cool thing about this is they can you can look at how much you spent and how many of those actions actually occurred such as purchases or opt ins and then they will give you the average cost for getting somebody to do that thing. So let’s say it cost you 15 dollars to sell your product to get somebody to buy your product. You would have to sell it for more than 15 dollars. But wait a second. Would it ever be advisable to use a pixel to buy a customer and make less than what that actual conversion is and the answer’s yes. The answer is yes in the beginning of your ads. So in the beginning of my ads I was sending them to a page and I was selling them a product. And I actually lost money on selling them a profit. Now why would I do that as crazy as right. Well the first thing is that Facebook has to have a certain number of actual conversions of purchases or opt ins for it to start to optimize you know when there’s a lot of talk about that but you know I would say 20 a week or 10 a week somewhere along there is gonna be bare minimum.

And if you can get that then that Facebook pixel starts to understand your audience and has it understands your audience. It can go out and it can look for more people that resemble the people that went to your page that bought your product that bought your book your you know your dress whatever you’re selling it can go out and look for more of those people so why would I want to spend more money on getting people to buy my product and what I made because if I get enough of those people that pixel gets smarter and smarter and smarter and it starts to learn who my audience is it starts to learn the type of people I’m looking for. And if it does that it’s going to work more accurately for me and find finally more of those people who have something else you could do which is pretty cool and I do this too and all good. Facebook ad marketers do this. Is that what they’ll do is after they’ve got a amount of buyers they can actually take those buyers and upload them to Facebook and say I want more people that look like this.

I want to look like audience and I talked about this the other day. But you know that’s a really cool thing to do. Now you do have to have one hundred people who bought your product within the same country to create a lookalike audience. OK so that’s what Facebook requires but something else people messed up on this is they’ll get one hundred and fifty sales so they get 200 sales they upload it and they make it look like audience and they start selling their product and they’re all happy. The problem with that is is that 100 or 150 people you know that’s good and you can create a book like audience. You can make some money but why not do that when you get more and more buyers. In other words once you get 300 buyers do it again. And once you get five hundred buyers do it again in 1000 and do it again. And the reason you’re going to want to do that is because there’s more data and if there’s more data you know if you have more purchasers then Facebook can create an even better look alike on.

So what you’re basically doing in the beginning is you’re buying data you’re trying to find people who are going to buy your product. And once you’ve done that you can upload that and find more people like that. But as you do that as you find more and more and more buyers you want to keep changing that look like audience and an example was I was just now talking to my wife and I was I had created a lookalike audience. I had like thousands of buyers and it wasn’t performing the first couple days. In other words people weren’t buying. You know it’s got to those got to because I’ve given it all this data of all these people and sure enough it clicked in the day and also I got a whole bunch of sales on it because Facebook has figured it out. You don’t have to figure this stuff out. Everybody’s trying to say well I need to figure out who’s a buy and I need to do this I need do that let Facebook do its work. Don’t get so targeted. Don’t try to hit these exact age groups in the beginning and all that stuff because that’s what Facebook does.

I mean that’s what Facebook job is to figure out if it’s male or female or what age groups and all that and the more targeted you make it had in the beginning when it’s cold the more it’s going to cost you don’t want to do that you may lose a little bit of money in the beginning trying to get buyers for your product back that’s probably going to happen OK. But once you’ve got those buyers once you’ve got that data you can then upload and make these look like audiences and heck you can make a lot of money. Now you may be thinking I don’t even have a product to sell or have I going to do all these cool things you’re talking about a profitable product. Let me help you out there too. Here’s what you do. You go to jrfisherbook.com and if somebody would type that in there just take it. jrfisherbook.com And it doesn’t matter if you’re watching this live or if you’re watching this later on that book will show you how to find it rather simple matter of it four simple steps to finding a product to sell online.

And you can shoot it’s like 40 some odd pages you could read this in a few hours. All right. If you’re a speed reader you can read an hour or two. And it’s going to walk you through the steps of how to find a profitable product to sell online and super easy guys. It’s like 5 dollars and 60 cents. Real expensive. If you don’t like the book. Tell me. Thank you Jessica for that in their. Book tell me and I’ll give your money back. How can you lose. Why would you do that. Why wouldn’t you do that. I’d be crazy right. So anyhow that’s kind of an overview on Facebook Pixels now it sounds a little complicated. I’m telling you I had a hard time with this at the beginning. I didn’t understand it I don’t get it I get it now. You know once it clicks with me I’m okay. In the beginning I’m not so smart. OK. So if you’re not so smart in the beginning like me you’ll be OK too. Not a big deal. OK. So if you have questions about this and I know I had a lot of questions you got somebody you can ask me OK. You just type it in that little common area that you say they are.

I’m watching this video when it’s not live right now. Right now it is like OK. So don’t get confused. It really is life right now. But if you’re watching this a day later or three days later or a month later or a year later you can still type it in there because if you type in your question about anything I’m talking about I get notified and once I get notified I’m gonna go back and answer you. And why would I do that. Why would I do these free videos and answer all these questions. All these people you know because some of them give me money.

Some of them will actually spend money with me because they go Hey that stuff was pretty good. What else do you have. I’d like to buy something from you. So I would say the majority fact I know for a fact the majority of people will buy anything from they get this free training. Pretty cool. Enjoy the free training if you just want the free training. Take it. It’s there for you OK. It’ll help you out but if you want more information you want to learn more. I’ve got other ways to teach you too. OK. This isn’t an ad for any of this outside of the book. I want you to get the book. I think you should get the book because it’ll teach you how to find products and that is www.jrfisherbook.com.

Matter of fact I will to do my attempt at typing and talking. This is not smart to do. This is not smart. I’m going to do it for you. I can’t talk anymore. I can’t control. The way. I got in there too. So check it out. jrfisherbook.com Grab my book. Learn how to do this stuff if you have any questions about pixels or Facebook ads or e-commerce or any of that stuff. Let me up a question in there right. And do me a favor do me a big big. That is a big favor. Make sure you share this video. Make sure you liked the video. Make sure you comment. If you don’t like the video put down there why you didn’t like it. I want to know. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. OK. If you do like it put why you did like it.

I really appreciate you guys listening and tomorrow I get some really cool stuff. Stay tuned. The way you’re going to know when I do these videos in incase you’re wondering if you need to go to JR Fisher marketing you need to like my page and then you do you need to turn on that little notification thing there. So you know when these videos are coming about so it’s kind of like taps on the shoulder says hey JR Fishers come live right now. If you were to watch something go watch it. He’s got a lot. So make sure you do that. I appreciate you listening. Hope you guys have a great evening. And I will talk to you probably tomorrow.

See you later.

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