Your Comfort Can Prevent you From Being Successful?! – JR Fisher


I want to ask you a question and that question is:
Is your comfort preventing you from being successful?

Now I know, that sounds like a crazy question; but I can tell you and I’m going to share with you story why, but it did prevent me from being successful being comfortable. Now how could that be?

Well maybe you’re in a job that you’re not getting paid enough. Maybe you’re telling yourself if you made just a little bit more a month then you’d be happy, you know? Or maybe you’re telling yourself if you could work a little bit fewer hours, then you’d be happy? Or maybe you’re telling yourself if you got that promotion then you’d be happy?

And the truth is if you’re not happy now, probably those little changes won’t matter that much, and I know you think they will, but I’ve been down that road. I remember ten years ago I was in a job. Well, it was a decent job and I made decent money, but along came an obstacle that I couldn’t overcome and it didn’t matter how much they paid me and it didn’t matter how much time I got off. I didn’t get hardly any time off. That should have been the thing that really sent me over the edge, but what happened was I was supervised by one of the owners of this business and I didn’t like him. I really did not like him;’ I didn’t like his morals, his drinking, his drug use, the way he treated people, his temper. I didn’t like him. The shame of it is he passed away a couple months ago.

But the point is that was the one little thing that threw me over the edge to make me want to quit. And a lot of you are saying well you know I don’t want to quit until I’ve got everything all set up and everything’s perfect everything’s working well. It will never work that way.

You’re never going to get to that stage where everything is set up, working well, perfect and you can just comfortably slide over into your own business -It just doesn’t happen. I got news for you even when it does happen and, in my case, it was kind of funny because I started my business on the side then really, I had no technical skills! I couldn’t do this!  

I wanted to sell stuff online and the problem with me selling stuff online is I couldn’t type right. I didn’t know how to send emails, I didn’t know where the forward and reply button was, and yet I wanted to sell stuff online. So, there were some pretty big obstacles there. But I started the business on the side and we grew it to the point where I had enough money coming in to where I could quit my job. And you say: “Well there it is, you got enough money coming in.” You quit your job; everything was great from that point forward.

Oh no, nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, after I quit my job about a month or two after that the product I was selling, which was somebody else’s product, went out of supply and they quit shipping it. And I had orders. And I had nothing to send the people except their money back.

So, without an income without inventory and without things to ship out I was essentially out of business and without a job. So, can that stuff happen where you quit your job and things don’t work out?

Oh, hell yes and it probably will. But you gotta keep moving forward.

In my case I came up with my own product line. I was fortunate enough to get people to sell it which was not an easy thing to do and it bailed me out. And then after that we had market fluctuations where our sales would go up and down and would be terrible and then they’d be great.

The fact is: it’s true. When you leave your job, you’re going to run into situations that are going to be less than ideal as a matter of fact they’re gonna be downright frightening, they’re gonna be scary but if you don’t do it, if you stay in that job and  not happy with for whatever reason the hours, the boss, whatever it is that motivates you, then you need to try to do something else.

Now you may not know what direction to go, you may not what to do, and I would just tell you throw a rock wherever it lands start there, you know, just start! Just get started. And this is my self-promotion a little bit but I do have an inner circle and I train people on what I know I’ve come out with a lot of courses matter of fact they total about forty six thousand three hundred eighty two dollars now for all my courses. But I’d be willing to give them to you for free If you join the inner circle. There’s a small fee each month but with that inner circle you’re gonna get access to how to build a Shopify store, how to start businesses how to do Facebook ads all kinds of stuff you’re gonna get all kinds of course you’re gonna get softwares.

And it’s a small investment per month to get access to all that, but I can assure you this: the stuff in there works because it’s all taken from things we’ve done. If that’s something that interests you, if you are uncomfortable in your job, and you don’t like what you’re doing or you

don’t like to pay or the hours or whatever in whatever the situation would be you feel like you could do more maybe you just feel like you could do more you probably can or you wouldn’t have that feeling

You need to act on it and you need to learn what to do online. Join my inner circle at

In addition to all the courses that I’ll give you for free when you join the inner circle every two weeks matter of fact this Wednesday, I’m going to be doing a live coaching call and you can ask me questions you can submit emails you can submit sales pages you can submit your sales funnels whatever you’ve got that you want me to look at I’ll be happy to look at it. You know we’ve been doing this for ten years now and got a small team that works on this but we’ve been very successful at it and we’ve had our ups and downs we’ve had failures. I’m not gonna tell you we haven’t had failures because we certainly have but we figured out a lot of things.

If you want to be part of that if you want to be part of something bigger, if you really want to know how to do stuff online and be successful at it, join my inner circle. You know it’s a small investment it’ll get you going and this isn’t an advertisement for that; I mean heck just take this information and use it you don’t have to join the inner circle but if you want more, to learn more, and  if you want to be part of something if you want help along the way join my inner circle is simple.

It’s so I started this video out by saying to you. “Is your comfort sabotaging your success?”

It certainly can be and I’ll tell you a quick story about that real quick before I go there’s this guy and he’s travelling through town and he needs directions and he happens upon an old man sitting on his front porch and he’s sitting there with his dog big old hunting dog looks like and He says to the man “I need to get directions. Can you give me directions?”

The man certainly gives him directions on where he was trying to get to go and throughout the whole time where he has given him directions the dog is kind of *growling sounds* – growling but not really opening his eyes much. Just kind of growling and when he gets done getting the directions the old man says well I hope that helps you out and you know have a pleasant day and the guy says well I gotta ask you a question real quick, “You know you’ve been really nice she gave me these directions but throughout the whole time you were talking and even now your dog is kind of growling and kind of rumbling. Why is he doing that?”  And the old man says, “Oh, I reckon he’s sitting on a nail; “He’s sitting on a nail that’s it. Just a nail because he’ll do that sometimes”  

He responded “ Well why didn’t he just move?”  And the old man says, “Well I reckon, it just don’t hurt bad enough. “

Are you kind of in that position right now? Are you in a job are you in a position where just doesn’t quite hurt bad enough that comfort can sabotage your success? I welcome you if you’d like join my inner circle I also have a private Facebook group you can be part of that and I’ll give you forty six thousand three hundred eighty-two dollars worth of my training and courses you’ll learn how to do Facebook edge you’ll learn how to set up stores, you’ll learn how to sell stuff online, digital courses whatever you want it’s gonna teach you that.

Whatever direction you want to go with it’s a bunch of courses it’s a bunch of software and I’ll give it away to you free. Love to help you out so, thanks for listening to this. Hey if you liked it and you felt like you got some value out of it share it, you know, put a little like in there, put a comment on there, say “Hey JR I like this.”

If you don’t like it put that on there I don’t care whatever it is. If you want something different with that on there but share it your friends and family will think you’re cool right? Because you shared something helpful and that’s what we’re trying to do is help people out.

So, thanks so much for listening. Go over there join my inner circle I put that link in there anybody watching this and it doesn’t matter.

By the way, I want to remind you that if you’re watching this video and you know it’s not live, you’re seeing a recording of it, you can still post questions in there, and I will still answer you.

I get these notifications when people post on one of my videos and I’ll come back and I’ll give you an answer on it so free advice if you want it. Post in there in the comment section I’ll be happy to help you run over to and thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you real soon.

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