Top secret ways to email my customers and make money – how to make money online

Top secret ways to email my customers and make money

We’re gonna cover how to make money by emailing your customers.


1:34 – You need to have the best email provider.

✅Kartra all in one email provider:

2:43 – You need to have a lot of offers.

2:54 – Send affiliate offers.

3:41 – Provide content most of the time.

4:22 – Make sure there’s urgency.

4:59 – Use scarcity.

5:43 – Use interesting, not revealing headlines in your email.

6:37 – Offer a bonus.

7:07 – Act like your writing to a friend.

7:41 – Use a larger font.

8:10 – Don’t bunch up your sentences in the email.

8:45 – Have several calls-to-action.

9:32 – ✅BONUS – Several emails about the same subject.

✅You gonna remind them several times about the same product or you’re not gonna get these many sales.

Now, if you put these things into practice in your emails, YOU WILL SELL MORE ITEMS. If you use KARTRA for $1:, you could actually automate all this so that when somebody comes on to your list, they will go through these sequences of emails weekly. All you have to do is write them one time and every person that comes into your email list will go through these funnels, email sequences and you’ll have an automated cash machine. I sell products every single day because of email sequences I built. They get triggered based on the actions or niches they’re in.

Have you tried to do emails? Have you tried to sell stuff off your emails? What experience have you had? Put that in the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer that.

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