7 mistakes that will make your eCommerce store FAIL

7 mistakes that will make your eCommerce store FAIL. Hey, are you starting an eCommerce store? or you’ve already started one? You need to listen to this video in it’s entirely. In this video, I’m gonna reveal 7 mistakes you could make that will actually make your store fail. It’s true that people make a lot of money online and they make a lot of money from eCommerce store but you know what?

A lot of them fail, they fail because of one or more of these 7 mistakes that I’m gonna go over with. I personally made some of these mistakes but I was able to muscle through it all and make money.

Now, let’s check out these 7 things that could KILL your eCommerce business:

01:56 1. Don’t depend on limited life span product.

03:04 2. Don’t focus on one-off product.

05:36 3. You gotta have upsell.

06:58 4. Make sure to have a reliable source for your products.

08:04 5. Be organized.

08:50 6. You gotta do things you don’t want to do or you gotta find somebody else to do it.

10:00 7. I need every automation.

Watch the full video to see the BONUS!

What have you learned about selling online? Have you tried any of these things? Put your comments below and I will answer all your questions.


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