Where can I find the best email provider? (part 1 of 2)

Where can I find the best email provider? Hey, you’ve come to the right place! Are you looking for an email provider that can grow with your business, has some extra bells and whistles, and has affordable pricing? Well, if so, you’re gonna want to watch this video.

The days of trying to find API keys and trying to remember dozens of logins and having all these software integrate finally be over. I think it is for the past couple of years I’ve used a program that I’m gonna share with you that helped me eliminate eight pieces of software that I was paying for. It’s called Kartra. What I’m gonna do in this video is go through some of the things it does so you can see for yourself that you’re gonna want to get Kartra.

Kartra had an advantage. Let’s face it, they got to see all these other software’s that came out before them and they got to pick and choose all the good parts and add them to their software that’s exactly what they’ve done. Now, Frank Kern was initially involved in the beginning and he really added to Kartra by installing some of his templates for his pages emails, all sorts of things they’re all included. He actually included some of his done-for-you campaigns so you can actually just use his campaigns and plug in the information from your business.

Let’s go and explore Kartra all in one email provider: http://bit.ly/kartra-JR:

✅03:20 1. Let’s look at Kartra’s page builder.

✅05:05 2. Email campaigns.

✅10:31 3. The email opt-in forms builder.

✅13:20 4. Kartra video hosting.

✅14:49 5. Kartra’s product area.

Now, you can customize checkout pages with templates to choose from to get you started. You can also track links to help you monitor your product sales. It’s got an easy dashboard on the home page of Kartra to show you how your sales are going and you can make one-time payments monthly payments trials or anything else that you could imagine.

Okay, so that completes this first video there’s another video that completes this series.

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