Simple ways to create a successful opt in page – 7 parts to a perfect landing page

Simple ways to create a successful opt-in page. In this video, I will show you how with no experience and minimal efforts, you can create a successful opt-in page to start getting email and growing your business.

What is a landing page? – It is basically a page designed to be a destination for visitors so it can give you their email and name.

The traffic that comes to the landing page can be generated through mailing, advertisements, or social posts. The goal is to get them to opt-in for a particular subject so you tag a person on that subject and you can market to them. Successful landing pages can help you immensely. It will help you grow your list, end up with more partners and buy your products and earn more money.

Why do we need a landing page?

✅1. First contact with the customer.

✅2. Help you target your marketing.

Here are the 7 parts to a perfect landing page:

✅04:08 1. Headline

✅05:32 2. Sub Headline

✅06:17 3. Lead magnet

✅06:59 4. Landing page copy

✅08:06 5. Social proof

✅08:43 6. Opt-in form

✅09:27 7. Call-to-action



There you have it! Some simple ways to create great opt-in pages. If you had to make opt-in pages or you had some experience with it, please share it in the comments below. If you have questions about how to do these things, please put your comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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