How the trump campaign can help you grow your business – growth hacking

How the Trump campaign can help you grow your business. Now, no matter what you think of Donald Trump he won the election. The question is, how could he win this election when everybody said he couldn’t win? In this video, I’m gonna show you growth hacking that Donald Trump used in his campaign and how you can use some of the same principles to help you grow your business.

I’m sure by now you know the news because he’s been in office for a few years but Donald Trump won the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. He’s now the 45th President of the United States but the question is, how did he do it and what growth hacking did he do that you can learn from that you can apply in your business. I want you to understand that your future is not based on some politicians, it’s based on what you do every single day and the effort that you put forth every single day will have more effect in your life than anything else. It really doesn’t matter which way you lean on this political thing.

How did Donald Trump use growth hacking to actually win this election because he obviously did something that worked out pretty well?

Most successful businesses used growth hacking. Growth hacking is a strategy most commonly used by startups to get going really fast. It’s basically setting up a strategy you decide what your main goals are going to be. You decide what shelves you’re gonna use whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, web pages, or whatever and then you go out and test to all those there is. Once you figure out the things that work, you double down on those things and you spend more time and more money just on those items and drop everything else and that’s basically what growth hacking is in a nutshell.

Let’s talk about the ways we can do this:

✅03:53 – Having a specific target and identifying the specific audience.

✅05:09 – Studying your target and knowing your audience.

✅05:57 – Define your message and find your value proposition.

✅07:31 – Define your metrics to KPIs.

✅10:35 – A/B Testing.

I want to know which parts of this you’re gonna use in your business, put your comments below. If you had questions about this video or how Donald Trump uses all this, put your questions below. Hopefully, we won’t get too many political things down there but if we do, that’s okay.

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