How To Have The Best Online Sales Process For Your Company

How to have the best online sales process for your company. Now, we all want to sell more of the products of our services and stuff like that but the key is to get it set up where we automate a lot of this stuff. In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up the best process. We all need a sales process so that you can sell more of your products and services that make more money.

Here’s the cool thing about having a process online, it’s unlike a process offline because the online process actually walks people through purchasing and adding one extra product, buying again, contacting them again, and it’s all done through all these steps that I’m gonna go through.

✅02:45 1. Pick a great email provider.
✅04:28 2. The traffic.
✅05:19 3. Have a great product.
✅06:30 4. Great sales pages.
✅08:10 5. Follow up for nonbuyers.
✅11:08 6. Offer bonuses.
✅12:28 7. You wanna have a great guarantee.
✅13:27 8. Have great customer service.
✅14:50 9. Make sure you succeed.
✅16:50 10. Create more assets.

When I first started out, I had just one course and now I have a bunch of courses and I have continuity stuff and I have coaching and all these other things that I’ve added. These things bring me money. Understand that your business should always be adding new products and that’s the only way to ensure that you’re going to be viable in the future. If you get all these products and some of them don’t die out, now you’ve got income coming from all this wide variety of products that you didn’t have before. If you’re making $50 from a product a month, imagine if you had ten of those products or 20 of those

Now, you’ve got all these different streams of income so I highly recommend to have more assets and create more in assets. I want you to think about this video and I want you to put some comments below. Tell me which steps you think will help you in your business and tell me which ones you think you’re going to employ.

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