How to make the perfect pitch – sales secrets

How to make the perfect pitch sales secrets. Okay, so you need to sell but nobody really wants to sell. You don’t want to be pushy, that’s not what anybody wants to do. In this video, I’m going to show you how to have super low-pressure sales pitches that actually work and get you sales.

Let’s figure out how to do this low-pressure high conversion pitch to sell your products. Creating a good sales pitch is not easy but you can definitely do it if you follow these eight simple steps that I’m gonna give you.

Creating a great sales pitch really is the basis of your entire business. Some people say, well, I don’t want to be a sales agent and I hate to sell. I think a lot of people relate that to lying and you don’t have to lie. What you have to do is craft a really good story and you have to craft something that actually speaks to some of these
emotions and their pain points and their problems and lets them know that you can
solve those things with your product or service.

Buyers are savvier nowadays. As a matter of fact, when surveyed, 92 percent of them said that having information online now and being able to research online now really change their buying habits. 67 percent of the time that they were online, they spent researching.

Here are the 8 simple steps you need to follow to create the perfect sales pitch:

✅04:20 1. Prioritize the accounts that you are pitching.
✅04:51 2. Do your research.
✅05:46 3. Account for all decision making.
✅07:15 4. Paint a vision of the future.
✅08:04 5. Share your information.
✅09:21 6. Know all how to overcome common sales objections.
✅10:24 7. Listen to understand, not just reply.
✅11:10 8. Make sure you outline the options for the next steps.

Now, I want to hear your comments – what have you found that worked in sales for you? If you would put that in the comment section, what have you found that didn’t work so well? I want to hear about that.

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