How to know what pictures to put your in ads

How to know what pictures to put your ads. Hey, that’d be great right? If you knew what pictures to put in your ads and if the pictures that you put in your ads you knew would convert. In other words, you knew you would sell, you knew you would get the opt-ins, and you know you would get the emails. In this video, I’m going to show you a proven method where you’ll know which images will work on your ads.

I want to share with you a process that I and my companies use and work really well and I’ve taught it to a lot of people and they’ve gotten really fantastic results. In the past, I spent tons of money on non-performing ads before I accidentally discovered this technique to test images.

✅Here’s how we went about testing the images:

✅03:43 – Do this on a cheap.

We narrowed it down to three countries that had a lot of people and interaction then the ads were really cheap. We run a particular post on our page and run it to those three countries to see which images those people like the most and which ones they interacted with. With the same exact copy on it, we would send those particular posts to an engagement campaign.

✅08:24 – Run conversion ads.

We run our conversion ads to the big four countries; USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Now, it’s a whole lot more expensive to run ads to those countries but we’re gonna switch over to a conversion ad where somebody actually makes a purchase of your product.

These techniques work really well. You don’t want to stop testing. This allowed you to test your images so we know what images are going to work and it allowed you to season your ad and to have an ad that has some credibility and social proof on it.

Now, which one of these techniques do you like? Have you tried any of this? What are you doing to get results on your ads? I would love to hear it, put your comments below.

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