Easiest way to start dropshipping from scratch (what I would do)

Easiest way to start drop shipping from scratch – what I would do. If you’re just starting out drop shipping and you have very limited resources, this is what I would do now. The things I’m gonna tell you in this video are not what I did in 2009, almost eleven years ago but things have changed. There are different opportunities and different ways to do things so I’m gonna tell you what I would do.

You’re gonna need about $200 to get started or something in that ballpark. A little bit more, a little bit less. You’re also gonna need a credit card. You’re gonna need those two things so if you don’t have those two things check out one of my other videos where you don’t have to have a credit card.

Now, you’re gonna need at least 29 dollars a month to pay for your shopify account. That is the base type of Shopify account you can get and that’s probably the cheapest one with the most advantages to it and the most bells and whistles you’re also gonna need. Another 15 to 20 dollars for a domain name. If you use my link below for Bluehost when you pay for your hosting, you can get the domain name for free so check that out right.

✅2:37 – Do I need all these apps?
✅2:56 – Do I need fancy and expensive templates?

✅3:15 – The easiest way to sell products online is to not re-invent the wheel.

✅3:40 – The best way to see what’s already selling is to actually go to Instagram and see what’s being promoted.

✅4:35 – See what influencers are promoting these post.

✅5:22 – Go over to the actual sales page and see how they are selling these products.

✅6:53 – We need to find a supplier.

✅8:37 – We need to figure out where is that product trending.

✅10:14 – Don’t try to sell in a general store page.

✅12:37 – If you need to get going faster, I suggest to use Instagram influencers.

✅13:23 – You should offer to pay influencers $25 or less for 12 hours.

If you do all those things, you’re gonna find that you’re gonna have successful campaigns upfront and you get some money rolling and then you can test all these other products.

Now, what parts of this do you like and what parts of this have you done? I know some of this stuff is brand new and a lot of these things didn’t exist years ago when I got started. I definitely would have done some of these things but they weren’t available to me.

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