Being a marketing consultant doesn’t pay – do this technique instead

Being a marketing consultant doesn’t pay – do this technique instead. Hey, have you been a marketing consultant? Where are you working on your own business?

I know marketing consultants are pretty much a dime a dozen. Now, that used to be years ago when you would tell somebody about up autoresponder or how to set up emails or a sales page. They were blown away. They thought oh my God, that’s really cool and I’ll pay you a ton of money to do that for me. But guess what? They aren’t doing it anymore and they’re not paying people for this. They’re getting somebody in house to do this and they no longer need you.

I’m going to show you in this video, if you’re a consultant, how to make more money by doing a few techniques that nobody else is doing and if it’s for your own business, how you can apply them to increase your income.

Here are some of the steps that you’re going to really need to concentrate on and really will differentiate your business or your marketing company from everybody else.

✅01:55 – 1. Customer Experience
✅03:45 – 2. Employee Engagement
✅07:07 – 3. Visualization
✅10:20 – 4. Personalization
✅12:06 – 5. Strategic Marketing Transformations.
✅12:52 – 6. SERP – Position zero and featured snippets
✅15:15 – 7. Voice Search
✅16:26 – 8. Ai Based Automation
✅17:17 – 9. Focus on customer retention
✅18:19 – 10. Live Video

I want to know what did you get out of this video. Are there any of these things you think you can apply in your business or have you applied your business? Please put that in the comments below and if you have any questions about this.

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