Is reshipping a scam? – The Real Truth

Is reshipping a scam? – The real truth. Hey, have you seen ads where you can work from home and just ship out packages and people are gonna pay you some of these ads? I broke down some of these things and I saw we’re called e-commerce quality inspector, quality control, product inspector, Quality Assurance, or package forwarder. In this video, I’m gonna explain to you how you can actually get harmed by this reshipping scam and possibly even go to jail so you’ll want to watch this video.

I want you to think about this. You know that somebody’s gonna send you a package and you’re gonna repackage it, put a label on it and ship it out. What could possibly be going on there?

Now, I understand most of you out there, if you’re watching this video, you want to make some money from home. Maybe you got childcare issues, maybe you have transportation issues, maybe you want the freedom of working when you want and there’s nothing wrong with that and there’s a lot of great ways to make money from home but also understand that the scammers out there know you and there are people out there that actually want to make money online and they’re looking for opportunities so they put up this opportunity of a reshipping agent.

Reshipping Agent is somebody who gets a package. They package up again puts a label on it and ships I will break it down for you in this video and make sure to watch it.

Here are the things you need to consider before you actually decide to work with them:

✅04:12 1. Have a website.
✅04:37 2. China, Russia and Nigeria have a lot of scammers.
✅05:20 3. Using a Gmail or free email service.
✅06:13 4. The interview process has handled the chat.
✅07:11 5. If they don’t have a full name or the name doesn’t match the nationality.

I’ve got other videos on this channel that can help you out. You can sell physical products, you can sell digital products, you can do affiliate marketing and there are a lot of really legitimate ways to sell stuff online. I don’t want you to feel like everything online is a scam. If you do it correctly, you can actually make money.

Now, have you heard of some scams out there? I’d like to hear what those other scams are. Please put them in the comments below especially if you’ve got any questions.

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