How to develop and sell successful online courses – how to market online courses

How to develop and sell successful online courses

How to develop and sell successful online courses? Hey, in this video I’m going to show you how to not only develop but sell online courses. I’m going to go through all the steps whether you’ve had experience or not. This is going to be super easy and I know you’re gonna enjoy it.

1:31 – Online courses are literally exploding right now. More and more people are accessing the internet to learn things that they never did before so you’re really getting into it at the best of times right now. Why is it exploding? The cost of higher education has also exploded. It’s gone through the roof the ability to finance that and get grants and get free money to pay for these has all but dried up.

A recent study has found that the cost of college has risen way more than the availability for financial aid. The average cost for tuition nowadays at a private institution is over $31,000, now, that’s a 13% increase over the past five years alone. Recently the college loan debt has increased by 77 billion dollars which means in the United States alone, there are a whopping 1.6 trillion dollars owed on student loans for college students.

The solution to this problem is well quite simple. Just learning online, students can now sit on their couch and learn anything they want from any subject they want anywhere in the world. That’s where you come in with your course as you offer them your knowledge and you could actually make money off it since there’s this huge increase in college tuition.

Here are the three biggest tips that they gave to have a successful online course:

6:13 – 1. Figure out what topics are in demand by looking at which courses are already selling.

6:27 – 2. Make your course stand out.

6:45 – 3. Tackle a BIG topic.

Watch how you set up an online course with the best tool: Kartra all in one email provider:

Whopping 66% of the people that are gonna be taking your course will actually be doing it on their phone so you want to make sure that it’s ready to be shown on the phone. The cool thing about Kartra is they optimized for whatever devices they optimize for a desktop or iPad or an iPhone or whatever it is, so if you build it in Kartra you’re not gonna have to worry about that optimization and changing things up depending on the device they’re on.

Have you started on your course or do you have an idea about a course that you’re curious about? Put it in the comments below I would love to hear them.

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