Best ways to make income from home – simple steps anyone can do

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Your Comfort Can Prevent you From Being Successful?! – JR Fisher

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT I want to ask you a question and that question is: Is your comfort preventing you from being successful? Now I know, that sounds like a crazy question; but I can tell you and I’m going to share with you story why, but it did prevent me from being successful being comfortable. Now […]

How to make money while you shop

How to make money while you shop – J.R. Fisher

  Video Transcript Hey Everybody JR. Fisher here when I make this quick video just actually we’re stuck in traffic we’re actually stuck in traffic here in California. The rain has stopped and the ability of people to drive in California has not improved. Surprisingly even without rain they don’t drive. We just passed two […]

How to increase conversions with less work

How to increase conversions with less work – J.R. Fisher

  Video Transcript Hey everybody. JR Fisher here well make sure you can hear me. So I hope you can. So if you’re watching right now. Just put in that comment section if you can hear me. Make it sure you get this thing right. Lighting is still not right. Keep messing with this lighting […]