Camtasia tutorial - Timeline Explained

Camtasia tutorial – Timeline Explained

🎬Camtasia tutorial – Timeline Explained

In this video, I’m going to show you some stuff about Camtasia that’s going to make it so much easier when you get into working on the timeline. It can seem really difficult but in this video, I’m going to show you some shortcuts and in the very end, I’m even going to reveal a place where you can hide some of your special effects and things you’ve done in the past so you can use them again.

✅00:20 – Camtasia Media Bin and Timeline
✅00:39 – Timeline Tracks
✅00:54 – Annotations
✅01:19 – Arranging Tracks in Timeline
✅01:51 – Adjusting Media Playtime
✅02:07 – Cutting Portions of Video/Audio
✅02:38 – Adjustime Timeline Work Space
✅03:03 – Export
✅03:13 – Using Camtasia Library
✅03:26 – Adding Media from the Library

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