The things that cause people to fail at an online business


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Hey guys just try to go live. It didn’t work. I guess it’s working this time. So I wanted to shoot this short video because so many people get into e-commerce. Heck even they just get into any business and they go and try to learn how to do things. And you know I almost think it would be better if there was somebody who could teach a course who taught everything they did and they failed at everything and taught that course. Why? Well it’s almost better to know the things that are going to mess you up than the things that are going to help you because that’s 80 percent of the things you do. You know 80 percent of the things that people try don’t work out you know anybody who’s a sports person or politician or successful business man will tell you they had to get through all those things that didn’t work so that they would know what does work right. And it only makes you could see me doing this. But I’m also going to be doing something that you will rarely rarely rarely see me do in this video. But see if you can figure it out and we get to the end. We’ll see if you notice what it is. Because it’s it’s a pretty amazing thing that I’m doing right now and you just never see me do it. So I just want to share that with you. OK. So let’s talk about the 10 things. Number one the first thing that people do is they get frozen. What’s that mean? Well they they decide they’re going to do videos.

They decide they’re going to do a web page. They decide they’re gonna do whatever they’re gonna do but they get frozen. And how did they get frozen. Well let’s say they decide to videos they want to go out and figure out what kind of lighting should I do. What kind of background should I do? What kind of camera should I use? Or they do a Web site. They’re like Well what about that logo. I kind to get a certain logo. Let me check all that out. And they work on logos for weeks or months and and it’s not about that. It’s about just getting it done. OK. I know I’ve got a lot of stuff out there that needs work on it. Right. It needs work but it makes me money and it’s not perfect. You see the thing is if you wait till something is perfect you’re not really doing that because that can’t be accomplished what you’re really doing is procrastinating. You know you’ve got to realize perfection is procrastination in disguise. That’s all that is. So it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect OK. A duck in the background once you get the video about the way you hear him. So that’s the first thing that I see more often than not.

And the next thing is this is this is a pretty technical thing they don’t understand payments they don’t understand how to collect money and how to send money and how to receive money and I was reading a thread today and somebody said that they had a customer that bought 10 products from them and they shipped out the products to them and they lost all their money and they lost all their money because these particular products that were bought by this person was through PayPal and it was a pending payment and they thought that that meant that they got paid when in fact they didn’t get paid. So when they went back to PayPal, PayPal said no that was pending and they never made good on the payments. So sorry you sent out those products are you lost all that money. You know so you’ve got to understand the payment system if you don’t understand that you’ve got to get education in that area. That’s all there is to it. The next thing I see is that their home page is not clear. You know I was looking at several pages today because I was coaching a few people. And when you go to their home page you can’t tell what they do. I mean they may have a product there but you can’t tell what Mr. N or what message they’re trying to send or what audience in it. I mean make no sense whatsoever. And what happens is if I can’t tell if I can’t go to a page and instantly tell who those people are talking to then they’re talking to nobody because you can’t talk to everybody you know I hear people say well my product is for everyone. That’s just not true. Because if you try to sell to everyone you’re not selling to anyone. That’s just the way it is. So that’s the next thing I see is that home page you know is messed up.

That was number three by the way if you’re keeping count. Number four is they don’t set up e-mail marketing so they can’t compete. And what I mean by that. I talked to another person today and they had sold thousands of products and had made some money but they had no e-mail campaign. I understand in e-commerce that first sale is going to account for maybe 20 to 30 percent of your income. So this particular person was thrown away 70 to 80 percent of her income because there was no process afterwards. There was nothing that the customer heard from her. And this was a very niche area and I’m eager to get into what it was or who it was but this is a very niche area and these people are wildly crazy about this thing. But she only sold them one of these things and there’s there’s tons of other things that relate to this. And those people would’ve bought from her too but it wouldn’t stop and it’s not her fault. These are mistakes that newbies make they just don’t know any better. Oh so so she couldn’t compete. You know you can’t compete with other people that are getting 70 to 80 percent more sales than you. It just doesn’t work out. And the next thing is they don’t understand how to run ads. OK. They try to go on Facebook. They try to go on Google Ad-words or whatever. And you know there are some people that are experts in running ads and they’ll all tell you the same thing. It’s all about testing. They can’t walk into your business and design an ad.

And put copy own and pick an audience and have a winner. I mean that’s what happens. But that’s pretty rare what you have to do and we have a process for that. If you guys are interested I’ll shoot you a video on it. But we have a process that we do in Facebook ads and it’s a certain amount of ad spend over a certain number of days and certain number of images and certain number of audiences and how we pick those audiences and then we run those ads and guess what 80 percent of them fail but 20 percent of them work and we just build on that. So if they don’t understand how to run ads or if they’re not running ads you’re just not going to make it today’s market. It used to be you know you could SEO your Website and for those you don’t know that search engine optimization had the right keywords and when people searched organically your Web site would come up. And that was fine. You know 10 12 years ago when there weren’t that many Websites out there. But the odds of you coming up on the first page now are slim to zero it’s just not going to happen. If you’ve been around a long time and have a big following you maybe a do. But it’s it’s really tough really really tough. So you have to run ads nowadays. And I’ve seen a lot of people come and go over the years that were doing really well 10 years ago because they fell behind. They didn’t run ads. They didn’t learn new things.

They didn’t set up these e-mail campaigns I just talked about. So if you’re keeping track that was number five number six they don’t devote time to their business. They think you know they you know maybe see me at a coffee shop or you know traveling around in Bangkok or something and they think that you could work four hours a week and make a living. And you know at some point yeah maybe you could do that when you build up your business and you got a lot of sales rolling in and maybe you could really cut back. But I got to tell you in the beginning you’re gonna have to work hard. The description I’ve heard of an entrepreneur is somebody who’s willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid a 40 hour a week job. So that’s what you’ve got to do. I mean it’s going to take time. You can’t you know if it’s the some girl who’s going to sell you a course and say hey you’re going to work four hours a week you’re gonna make millions of dollars. You’ve got to know better than that. Unless you’re just dumb I mean you’ve got to know better. It does even make sense to be able to do that. So that’s number six. Number seven is you have to spend money on your education. You know if you think that you can shoestring this thing and you know I kind of did in the beginning and then I started buying education and I actually started getting more successful. But you know you need to find somebody whether it’s me or somebody else or somebody you like it doesn’t matter.

Make sure they’ve done what you want to do. So if you’re in e-commerce and you want to sell products online find somebody who sold products online that was successful to teach you not only not only that they did that but that they’re doing it now. You know we sell products every single day. So I feel like I’m qualified to tell somebody who’s in the product line just because we’ve done that. But if the person teaching you hasn’t done what you want to do no matter how cool they are no matter how funny they are no matter how entertaining they are they probably won’t be able to help you out. The next thing is number eight. Number eight is they don’t know how to get traffic and you know traffic is so important nowadays and people say why don’t the traffic I’m into traffic. There’s plenty of traffic out there. It’s just not going to you. And if you don’t know how to direct traffic to your Website to your offer to your landing page whatever it is your services you’re going to fail. I mean you’re just going to fail and these are the things that kill people. Number nine they design a bad offer. OK. So let’s say you get really good at ads and you can drive tons of traffic and you get the best SEO in the world and your web page comes up constantly but your offer sucks. Right. The value for what they get you know and what the product is is no good. It doesn’t matter. So you know some people say well if I just read enough traffic to hit somebody I’ll buy.

Well somebody may buy but it’s not going to be enough. So that offer has to you know you’ve got to have the right offer and how you design that offer and how you market that offer. You know. And it’s not all about price. I’m not saying price. You know it could be the benefits of that offer. You know how you explain that offer to the person. Those are all big big factors that you’ve got to look at. And. Number 10. Oh my God I love this one. This is the best one in the world. They don’t copy success. And here’s what I mean by that they try to go out there and figure it out. They try to go out there and say well you know what. I’m going to find a product that I like and I’m going to try to sell it to some people. And that’s not how it’s done. Here’s what you do. You find out what they’re searching for what product what service what pain points they have. And then you offer that product to them whether it’s a service or a physical product or whatever it is. And we deal mostly with physical products. So you know those are the top 10 things I want to move this camera back a little because I’m still doing that thing you rarely see me do you know what it is. Right. Any guesses out there you’re going to put those down there. So that’s what you need to do guys. You’ve got to invest in yourself. You’ve got to you’ve got to learn these things.

You’ve got to take these 10 things I just gave you and if you didn’t get them all. You know watch the video again shot them down because if you make these top 10 mistakes you will not succeed. So what am I doing that I rarely rarely ever do. What am I doing? What am I doing right now? Here’s what I’m doing. I’m wearing a dark jacket. You know what it is 60 degrees in San Diego and I’m actually chilly. I never get cold is a breeze which probably brings it down into the low 50s you know that wind chill factor thing. And to some of you in some parts of the country of the world right now you’re watching this go on. That’s not cold it’s not cold JR. You don’t know cold is it’s five here. It’s 10 below zero. Well I got news for you wherever you’re living. You come here and you live for about three or four years you’re gonna be just like me because you get so used to the warm weather you just can’t hang with it. And those of you one little bit of training you know feel free. This is not commercial for training and I want to seem that way.

But you know feel free to contact me PM me send me an e-mail some like that I’m going to really put anything in the post but you know let me know that you’re interested and I’ll direct you to one of our courses we have several direct courses we have coaching programs I’ve got a free Facebook site group that you can get into and get questions answered so if you want some free stuff everybody wants free stuff right. I’d give that to you. I’ve got some videos on different subjects I’d be happy to get over to you. So anyhow go through those 10 things see if they apply and if they apply to you make changes do something about it you know you have that ability to do that. So hope you enjoyed it and still wear my jacket. I’ll see you guys later.

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