How to 10 times your online profit

How to 10 times your profit online


Video Transcript

Hey guys. JR Fisher here. I want to share with you a way that you can actually 10 times your income. Right now. OK so you’ve probably heard that you know to make more money you’ve got to do several things you’ve either got to sell more to the customers you currently have or you got to get more customers or you’ve got to sell at a higher price to the customers you have now. So I’m going to tell you a method here that we do and it’s amazing how many people miss this. They don’t do it. And it cost them tons and tons of money. And the reason I’m thinking about this is because I just got off the phone with a client and she’s been doing e-commerce for four years now and she’s been making a little bit of money she makes you know a couple of hundred grand a year. So not a whole lot of money but she’s making okay money and the problems she’s had was that it’s just not enough profit. She’s working really hard. So what she does is she sells her customers a product and then it ends that’s it. And that’s just craziness because it shouldn’t end right. There’s a couple of things you need to do. First off when you sell somebody a product as soon as they buy that product it should go to another page and that page should sell them a higher price product. And if they don’t buy that product it should go to another page that sells them a little bit lower priced product.


So what you’re doing is you’re giving them some choices there. And the next thing you should do and this seems so painfully obvious but she wasn’t doing it for the past four years is collect names because you need to send them e-mails. And if you send them emails of related products guess what a portion of them will buy those products it’s really that simple. So here let me spell it out this way. Here you go. Your first product right here OK. Your first product you make ten dollars profit. That’s where most people stop is right there. Ten dollars profit. But the thing is if you offer these up sells right. If you offer the second step to the checkout process you’re going to make another 20 dollars on average. OK. This is what we do about another 20 dollars on average. By offering these extra things and then one the last step is your e-mails and your e-mail sequence will earn you another 70 percent or another seventy dollars. So you take this customer that you are normally making ten dollars on and now you’re making one hundred dollars. And guess what. Now you can pay more for your lead. So let’s say you were paying 10 dollars for your lead and you were making no money. Now you’re paying 10 dollars for your lead and you’re making 90 bucks. It’s really that simple. So don’t miss these steps. Make sure you’re doing these you know if you don’t know how to set these up find somebody to help you set them up but if you’ll do that you can 10 times your sales. So it’s that easy.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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