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I want to talk to you about something that can really kill your business.

I want to talk to you about something that can really kill your business, and I’ve seen it a lot lately and it really, really is something that if you don’t get a grasp on it, it’s gonna hurt you so I want to talk about that today, but first off, I also want to tell you that I have a lot of people asking for a little more coaching, a little bit more help; I do have an inner circle and I’ve put the link in it there and the really cool thing about the inner circle is I’m running a promotion right now where if you join my inner circle for small fee a month,  you get all of my training, right? All the training: you get Digital Cash Academy, Facebook Ads University, Webcash Academy, Ecom Road, the email earning system; all these courses and they total up to forty-six thousand three hundred eighty-two dollars, so it’s a lot of money, you get them for free, all you do is join an inner circle and I’ll tell you about that in a second, but let’s talk about those things that could really be killing your business, you know?

I was recently on a cruise and and we talked to a lot to different business owners and they all sold stuff online, and I have a bunch of clients that sell stuff online and the one thing that they all agree on that a real problem is employees; real problem now, you may or may not be to the stage where you have to worry about this but it’s better than you’re not at the stage and you haven’t hired anybody yet, then you’re already employing a bunch of people, and you’ve got these issues, and here’s the thing I’ve seen, the common thread that most businesses have with employees is that they’re trying to go out and hire for a position that they themselves can’t do, okay? Now that’s okay if you’re hiring a graphic artist right? Because they’re just doing some pictures, and not everybody can be an artist, but if you’re saying out there, hiring somebody who is going to be running your SEO or somebody’s gonna be working on your website or doing your advertising or you know managing your marketing, and you don’t know how to do these things, you’re gonna fail you’re going to have a huge, huge problem. Not only will you not be able to manage them, but you won’t know that they’re doing a good job or a bad job because you don’t know what the job is, so you know, I would tell you that rather than just go hire people, learn to do some of the stuff when your own first. That’s what I had to do in the beginning. I didn’t have the advantage of having a bunch of extra cash to just go hire people to do everything, and you can’t hire yourself into wealth and what I mean by that is long it’ll stay well. I’ll hire people to do everything for me, and I’ll just make a bunch of money, and it won’t work that way, it’s not gonna work that way for you because before you can manage somebody’s activities you have to know what the activities are and, you have to know how long they take and, you have to know what skill sets needed, and different jobs or different skill sets you know somebody who is maybe working on your website may not be good at SEO just because they can work on your website doesn’t mean they know SEO, search engine optimization, and just because they know SEO doesn’t mean they know how to run an ad. That’s a whole different skill set just because somebody is writing blogs for you, writing content for your website doesn’t mean they’re the right writer to write an email or a sales page because those are two different skill sets. So, the first thing I would tell you is: learn all these things yourself don’t try to go out and hire your way to success because it’s not going to work, it never does. You really have to learn these things and the best way to learn them is learn from somebody who’s already done them. If you learn from somebody that’s already done them, they can tell you the pitfalls and the problems you’re gonna have and the issues you’re gonna have. And I run into clients like this all the time and you know I had one the other day and they said

“I’m gonna hire a copywriter”

I said “That’s great you’re doing some sales pages.”

“They really know I need to have my blogs done.”

I said “Michael, that’s not even a copywriter, that’s not that’s not what a copywriter does. A copywriter writes sales letters, sales pages, emails, and that type of thing, it’s an entirely different skillset.”

Somebody who is doing emails is sales oriented and that person who writes those emails it’s a really strong copywriter; maybe terrible content because content’s a whole different animal all together.

So, the first thing you need to do is educate yourself. If you don’t educate yourself, you can’t avoid this education. Everybody wants to avoid the education of learning this stuff and just go hire somebody but this is not the way to go about it. It really isn’t because you won’t know what to do, you won’t be able to manage them, and you’re not gonna get the results you want in the heck you know it may be a 10-minute job and the person told you it took them 10 hours. You won’t know the difference and you’re gonna pay for it so it’s gonna cost you a lot of money too, so don’t do that so in a lot of my courses I teach you these things and I highly recommend you know even if you’ve got money to go out and hire for all these positions and you know you’re just killing it oh you know in sales and all that before you go hire somebody, learn this stuff yourself.

I have an inner circle and in that inner circle you pay a small fee a month and you can access to all my courses that teach you how to do these things, it teaches you how to write emails and how to set up your web pages and find products and put products on your page and do all these things, and the reason I have the right to teach you how to do that is because I’ve done it, okay?

We we run a multimillion-dollar survival food company and same thing in training; I have training courses that sold a lot. We’ve done it well there and if you take the knowledge that I have, and I didn’t have them at the beginning. I didn’t know, I mean heck when I started out, I didn’t know where the forward and reply button were on an email so you don’t have to start with a position of you know I’m highly technical advanced because I was not highly technologically advanced. I couldn’t type to this day I can’t type it’s like two fingers on one hand and a couple on the other hands they kind of alternate, but I get it done but what I have done in my courses over the years is I’ve put in there all those things that we’ve learned and things that have worked for, so there’s not it’s not theory. I hate when people teach theory, you know? “In theory this should work if you try this.” I want to see examples of what you’ve done what the results were and then I’m gonna listen to you if the results were good so that’s what we do in all the courses so once again if you want to learn some of that stuff you want, to be part of something, join my inner circle. It’s a great way to get started. It’s not a lot of money, you know? A few hundred bucks a month and you get in there you’re gonna get access to forty-six thousand three hundred eighty-two dollars for the courses; you’re gonna get Digital Cash Academy, Facebook Ads University in there. If you ever want to run a facebook ad, this course will take you through it, I’m gonna throw it in for free. I’m gonna throw in Digital Cash Academy for free show you how to set up a Shopify store, I’m gonna throw an Ecom Road for free, I’m gonna throw in a Web Cache Academy for free, which is actually live training in a room where I’m training chiropractors, plumbers, and different people at businesses that want to sell online you’ll get access to that, too. And the email learning systems which teach you how to write emails that get results and help make you money and if you have questions you know don’t shy away from not asking you know you’ve got a place to go to, I’ll be happy to help you out with this stuff that’s what I do I give away a lot of free advice matter of fact I’m leaving tomorrow for Dallas.

I’m gonna be speaking at a group their mastermind a lot of top-level people there, but we shared in doing different ideas okay because you know somebody can make more money than you and not have the knowledge you have, alright? Somebody can make less money than you and they can teach you, so you know, don’t always judge it on how much money somebody’s generated look at what they’ve accomplished, look at what knowledge they haven’t, listened to them, you know? I listen to people they’re 20-30 years old but I listen to people in their 60s and 70s, so age is not a determining factor when you’re selling stuff online. What is a determining factor is what have you accomplished so don’t listen to anybody that hasn’t accomplished what you want to accomplish.

Let me repeat that, do not listen to anybody who has not accomplished what you want to accomplish because they can’t help you, I mean it only makes sense to many of us we’ll listen to our friends and family and they’ll say “what do you think of this idea,” “what do you think of this weirdo post in a group,” and say “what do you newbies think of this idea.” Wrong thing to do, okay? You want to get advice from somebody who’s already done it that’s what you want to do if you want to get more information than I think you’d really enjoy it join my inner circle there’s a little bitly link there click on that link you can go there.

And another thing I’m gonna do is, twice a month, I’m gonna do a free training that is gonna show you what you need to do and you can submit your sales pages to me, your emails to me your problems, your successes, and we’re all in a big group and this is a live training. So, you can actually talk on the call and other people can talk and we can share these ideas. All you got to do to take part of that.

Oh yeah, I forgot there’s one other thing we do once a year we have a live meeting here in San Diego, we all get together meet at a big hotel have a good time have some food and share those ideas and those things have been working for so I highly recommend you do that.

So, guys, I appreciate you listening I hope you have a wonderful Sunday night. I fly out tomorrow to Texas for another mastermind. I just got back a week ago, for what other one so I’m gathering more knowledge for you guys to give it to you and I hope you enjoy it. I hope you appreciate it and use it because that’s the way that you’re really going to get results is if you take this information and really apply it you’ve got to apply it, super important that you do that so check out my inner circle, there’s a bitly link there you can click one it has a free video there that will explain everything to you. You don’t have to opt-in, you don’t have to give me your email, you don’t have to do anything, just watch the video; it will tell you all about it and that is free give me a little of free training.

You guys have a great night thanks for listening if you like this video click ‘like’ right there,share the video, do all that good stuff, tag people in it, and I really appreciate you listening. You guys have a great night and I’ll talk to you real soon.

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