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What’s your Business Niche?! – JR Fisher

I’m gonna teach you what you want to know to compete in the market and be able to sell your product.

I want to talk to you guys about a niche because I think it’s the biggest mistake that people make is they want to sell stuff online, but they have no clue what a “niche” is they, and without that they can’t target their buyers, and if they can’t target their buyers well then, guess what? They can’t do they can’t sell things.

I’m talking to this lady today and I want to share her story with you; she wanted some coaching, and here’s her situation she said to me

“I just need to increase my sales. I’m selling about two thousand dollars a day, but I want to increase my sales now.”

You know, to some of us, two thousand dollars a day is a lot, it wasn’t to her. She wanted to really make a mark and so I started talking to her the first thing I said to her is

“What is your niche, who are you targeting? What is your niche?

She said “Well that’s easy, it’s simple to tell you. I target people who buy jewelry.”

“People who buy jewelry?”, I said. “Well, that’s a pretty big niche. I mean, you know, as a matter of fact that’s not even a niche because I’ve bought jewelry and my wife has, my kids have, and I mean that’s like everybody.”

I said “What is it that you sell?”

She says “I sell all kinds of things, but I had one thing that sells almost two thousand dollars a day.”

“Tell me about that one thing. Tell me what it is.”

And she said “It was a bracelet.”

I said “Tell me more about the bracelet; what does the bracelet look like?”

“It’s really just a simple bracelet.”, she says. “People seem to like it, and it has turtles on it.”

I said “Turtles?! Turtles?” It has Turtles on it?

She says “Yes.”

“Oh my god!”, I said. “I know what your niche is! It’s people who want to save turtles!”, and she looked at me and like I was crazy, you know? We’re having the Skype call; I could just see the look on her face like “What are you talking about?”

Well, here’s the deal: who’s gonna buy a bracelet that has Turtles on it? First off, almost no women are gonna buy that. Only a very, very, very segmented group of women are going to buy that, and the women that are gonna buy that are people who love turtles, people who want to save the turtles.

Now, there’s two ways of thinking. If you see there, you’ve got this reactive brain here, okay? And if you say “I’m selling these bracelets and they have turtles on them.” You know, the reactive brain says “Hey, I’m in the jewelry market; I sell jewelries.” Now, the proactive brain over here is gonna say “Wait a second. Exactly who are these people I want to think about? Exactly who these people are?”; because that’s super, super important. Who is it? How can I target these people? Because you can’t target reactive, right? You can’t target people who buy jewelry. I mean there’s no drop-down on Facebook Ads to find people who buy jewelry, it’s just not there. So, there’s got to be something behind that piece of jewelry you’re selling. So, understand that when we’re doing e-commerce, we’re not trying to be Walmart, we’re not trying to be Amazon, we want to be like Sears. I think they went under today.

But anyhow, you don’t want to be any of those people, right? You don’t want to be any of these big retailers because: number one, you can’t compete with them. You’re not gonna be able to sell what they sell for the price they sell, you’re just not gonna be able to do it. So, what we want to do is we want to focus in on this: your niche. What is your niche? Who is it that you’re selling to? And if you can’t describe to me in one sentence something along the lines of, you know, “The people I sell to, want to, or need to, or like to…” And you can’t fill that in then, you don’t have a niche and that is the whole key to this. So, I guess what we did with her is she now sells jewelry, right? She sells the bracelets, but she also sells “Save the Turtles” hats, mugs, t-shirts, and all kinds of stuff because now she has a niche when she did all along, but she never focused on them. So, now she has the ability to run ads to those people.

While I’m thinking about it, when I’m doing these live videos, they’re live forever and here’s what I mean: if you’ve got a question, there’s something you want to know, I want you to type it in the comments, and I know you may be watching this a day, two days ,or a week after I did it, but here’s what happens if you type in that comment section there a question, right? Just type in there any question you want or any comments you want, I’m going to respond to it because I get a notification when you guys do that even if this video is a week old or a year old, and no matter how old it is. So, it’s super, super important that if you have a question and something else, I want you to do to guys is I want you to share this with other people, and here’s why: they’re gonna think you’re smart. They’re gonna say “Wow! Look at this, JR’s watching this video, and it’s it’s super cool. It tells me all about niche and the reactive and the proactive brain, and it’s gonna help me in life have.”

Hey, don’t you want to help somebody you want to help so much? I’m going to teach you how to do Facebook Ads, I’m gonna teach you what you want to know to compete in the market and be able to sell your product and figure out this niche, right? Because if you don’t have that niche figured out, if you don’t know what your “turtle” is, then you’re not gonna do well, okay? So, super, super, super important if you have questions, don’t forget post them right here we’ll figure out your niche, we’ll figure out ads, and you can start making money.

I will talk to you very soon. Goodbye!

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