8 steps to make a down-sell that converts – top down-selling tips

8 steps to make a down-sell that converts

8 steps to make a down cell that converts. In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make down-sells that convert.

1:24 – What is a down-sell? Offering a lower-cost item to a customer who declined your initial offer.

2:19 – Downsell Order

2:45 – Book – https://www.amazon.com/Great-American…

These are 8 steps we could use to make our down-sell work better:

3:56 – #1 – You could use a video.

4:28 – # 2 – Make sure it’s a related offer.

5:49 – #3 – Make the sales page for your down-sell congruent.

6:12 – #4 – You should automatically be added to their order.

6:48 – #5 – It should be a one-time offer.

7:01 – #6 – It should be a highly discounted item.

7:26 – #7 – Make the offer clear.

7:54 – #8 – Don’t be too pushy.

Keep in mind if they don’t buy this product, you don’t want to burn that bridge for future sales. You just want to make them a nice offer and let them know what a great deal it is and let them know it’s limited time.

Now, have you built any sales funnels yourself? Have you done any upsells and down sales? I want to hear about what you’ve done.

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