9 steps to write descriptions that convert – proper guide when writing descriptions

Have you been trying to write descriptions for your products but you haven’t been successful? Well, in this video I’m gonna show you the 9 steps that you need to take to write successful descriptions.

We know the only way to really sell your product is in that description on your product page and if you don’t have a plan that works, it can make it really super difficult. In my companies we sell a lot of different products, we sell physical and digital products. In that description, it’s just got to make it happen or else we don’t make any sales.

Here’s the real truth, nobody really wants to buy a course. They want the results of that course. If they could take a pill and have all that knowledge in their head, I’m sure they would much rather do that than actually have to go through a course. The reason they buy a course is to get results of what that course can do for them. It’s really important that we focus in on which course they’re buying and why they’re buying the course.

Here are the 9 steps that you should follow when writing descriptions:

✅02:56 1. You got to define your audience.

✅04:05 2. Don’t write about your product write about the solution that your product will solve.

✅05:26 3. Focus on benefits.

✅06:47 4. Tell a story.

✅07:41 5. Use online tools to improve your writing.

✅09:40 6. Use social proof.

✅10:52 8. Use proper formatting.

✅11:54 9. Feel free and edit what you’ve written.

Now, I can promise you if you follow these 9 steps, they’re gonna help you out. They’re gonna give you a guide. They’re gonna give you something to go by. Here’s what I would suggest to you, write them down somewhere. You can just write down the numbers and what I said. You’re gonna remember what I said and when you’re writing a description, just go down the list I did.

Check it against what you’ve written. If you do that you’re gonna end up with better descriptions and better descriptions lead to more people reading it and buying your product and that’s what we ultimately want.

Have you already written descriptions?

Did you write some descriptions?

How do they turn out and what were the results?

Please write your answers in the comment section below. I’d love to answer all our questions.


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