5 simple steps to get people to sell your branded products

5 simple steps to get people to sell your branded products. Have you been trying to get people to sell your products on their website? Hey, it’s a great idea. It’s something I’ve done and I’ve got thousands of websites to sell my products on their site and in this video, I’m gonna show you exactly how I did it so you can get results too.

Getting other people to sell your products is awesome and it’ll save you the time. It would take to get organic SEO by posting and putting title tags and descriptions not that you shouldn’t do that but think about it if you’ve got other people out there putting title tags and descriptions on their site about your product, that can be nothing but good for you.

Getting your product sold on other people’s sites is awesome. We moved into having my own product which is survivalcavefood.com. we got millions and millions of hits and it’s not because I did a lot, it’s because all of my distributors who sell my products did a lot. They optimized the words survival k-food on their sales pages and that gave me a lot of organic reaches.

What I want to do is I want to walk you through all the steps that I did to get all these sites to sell my products.

✅2:27 – 1. You wanna go out and find the contact information of related sites to yours.

✅3:14 – 2. Write out all the benefits of your product.

✅3:52 – 3. Email all these sites.

✅4:50 – 4. Call the site

✅6:32 – 5. Have a good product

✅7:12 – 6. Have a great price in you

✅7:56 – 7. Have big commissions.

✅8:33 – 8. Great service.

✅9:18 – 9. Don’t undercut your sellers.

✅10:13 – 10. Be prepared to work 7 days a week.

Okay, so there’s my top ten tips. Some of these other sites could sell my products for me and it worked out and that’s what’s really kept us alive all these years. Other sites buying from me and selling to their customers.

So if you haven’t tried this put in the comment section why you haven’t tried it. If you got something out of here you think is pretty cool, put that in the comment below. Have you tried to sell your products on other sites? Put that in the comment below too, I’d love to answer your questions.


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