How to use re-targeting to make more sales – re-targeting tips and strategies

How to use retargeting to make more sales? Hey, it’s a fact, 98% of people that come to your website, your landing page or your sales page are not gonna buy. That’s not good! Now, here’s another fact, probably 90% of those people are gonna buy at some point.

How do you sell to them? If you’re not selling, those people are leaving your website and you’re missing huge sums of money on the table. How do you fix it with retargeting? What’s retargeting? I’m gonna show you what retargeting is and how you could use it to make more money today.

Everybody wants more sales but the question is, how do you get them? I know we have our advertising in place and the running ads and we’re getting people but what if you could get your conversions up? What if you could get a higher number of those people that you already paid for to buy your product?

What is retargeting?

Retargeting – we actually are going after an actionable audience. These are people that may have already interacted with you. Sometimes, people need more information. They need to be pushed a little bit and they need some bonuses or maybe they need to be reminded.

✅2:58 – Visual representation of how consumers interact with a brand before, during, and after they make a purchase.

Here are some goals in mind that you can use when retargeting:

✅4:56 – You can target people who have google searches that are relevant to your actual product ✅5:09 – You can target people who have already consumed some of your content on your website.

Pixel-based targeting is one of the common ways to re-target people who’ve been to your site.

✅6:54 – How retargeting works – Visual representation

If you’re using the pixel-based retargeting, you’re targeting people who have visited your site but not necessarily converted yet. They already have some knowledge of your company that could actually drive up your sales a whole lot better. Make sure you have a clear goal for your campaign and you’re going to do several ads. Most people will try one thing and they just quit.

You need to try several things because you don’t know what’s gonna work. If you follow these steps and you use retargeting correctly, you will increase your conversion. It’s been proven and many companies do it.

Now, if you have any questions about retargeting and how it works, just leave your comments below and I’d love to answer all of it!

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