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Simple steps to set up a course in Kartra. So, you heard about this incredible platform called Kartra where you can put your memberships in there or maybe you already have a membership and you’ve heard of the benefits of using Kartra and you want to switch over to Kartra. Well, in this video, I’m gonna show you simple and easy steps to set up your course in Kartra and offer it to people who want to buy your course. I’m kind of crazy about Kartra and why it’s so good and It does so many things.

I moved my entire business over to Kartra. It does so many things for you and I was able to actually cancel eight different pieces of software because they’re all rolled into Kartra and one of them is memberships and that’s what we’re going to talk about. In this video, one of the best advantages of Kartra is the ability to host these membership sites. Now, these are secure sites they’re easy to build, they have templates in there, and it’s going to be perfect for whatever course that you’re trying to teach.

Now, here’s the cool thing, when you set up your membership in Kartra, it will automatically generate the login pages, usernames, and passwords. It will automatically send an email to people with all this information so you don’t have to worry about doing it. In this video, I’m gonna cover setting up your actual membership site structure.

✅07:54 1. 4 different options when you’re uploading a video.

✅08:34 2. Setting up your access level and drip content for all your membership.

✅09:00 3. Access levels.

When somebody goes through a course on your Kartra site, they can get to the end and it can automatically trigger an email sequence that sells in your next course, next offer, or your next product and you can’t do that on any other site.

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Now, have tried using Kartra or you’re having problems setting up your course through Kartra? I’d love to help! Please leave your comments below.

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