The perfect membership site software – membership websites that make money

The perfect membership site software.

Are you looking for a membership site software to put your course or your program and you don’t know where to go? Well, you’ve come to the right place because in this video I’ve looked around and I’ve checked them all out. I’m gonna show you the perfect membership site software.

Let’s look at the ways that you can actually put your course online and the first way is to put it on a site that hosts courses so you can go to something like udemy. There are thousands and thousands of courses and all kinds of different subjects so you could actually put your course there today if you want it. But here’s the problem, udemy generally attracts people who want a seven dollar course or a nine dollar course they don’t attract a really expensive audience.

3:38 – You can put your membership site on your website

Let’s say you’ve got a WordPress site there are tons of plugins out there that you can actually use to put on your site but you’re gonna have to manage it, build it, have to have it all on your particular site.

Here are some plugins:

✅Member Pass


✅Perfect membership site software: KARTRA –

7:20 – Kartra walkthrough

24:07 – Get Kartra Email & Finnel Maker for $1 – Click here:

Once you have people paying you monthly, you only have the cost of setting up this membership one time and then people pay you every single month from that point forward. They could bring in a lot of money. In addition to doing memberships it does:

✅Video hosting

✅Email sequences

✅Help desk

✅Form builders

✅Membership site

✅Affiliate site

✅Email provider

✅Funnel maker

✅Landing pages

✅Up and Down Sells

✅Credit card processing

✅Calendar built into it

Okay, by now I guess you can see that Kartra would be my pick, not that the other ones are bad but Kartra is probably the newest and most advanced. It will cost you less money overall since it integrates your email providers, your sales pages and all these other things.

Get Kartra (Perfect Membership Site Software) for $1 – Click here:

Now, if you tried to do some membership courses, I’d like to know what your thoughts are on this. Put it in the comments below and if you haven’t, please take a second click that Subscribe button down there.

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