How to grow your brand and increase your sales; Be seen & Be known

How to grow your brand and increase your sales; Be seen & Be known. Are you trying to become more visible online? Are you trying to grow your brand and let people see more and more and more? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I‘m gonna show you exactly how to increase your brand and be seen all over the place.

✅1:35 – Check out this infographic.

✅02:10 What is brand awareness?

-If people don’t know who you are, the odds of purchasing from you are very slim. So, we wanna first people know who you are and what you do. Once, people know who you are, it’s really important to educate them about what you do and what your company’s about. If they know who you are and they know what you do and products you have, you have really increased the chances of conversion in any of your ads.

✅03:16 How can you build brand awareness for your company?

-This stuff takes time. People won’t automatically fall for your brand. They have to get some information. They have to get some content from you. They have to receive something in advance that they see more valuable than your competitors. You have to get them to know who you are upfront.

✅03:51 – Focussing on brand recall.

✅04:19 – Be consistent among all the different platforms you use.

Now, let’s talk about some components that we can use to add to your branding strategy.

✅04:32 – 1. Consistency is key

✅06:56 – 2. Invest in advertising

✅08:54 – 3. Social media presence

✅13:35 – 4. Partner with other big brands

✅14:58 – 5. Refer-a-friend

✅15:40 – 6. Offer a free trial right upfront

✅16:18 – 7. Do something positive

✅16:50 – 8. Provide value

✅17:30 – 9. Entertain

✅18:00 – 10. Use re-targeting

So, these are great ways to build your brand, build your awareness, and get more conversions. Now, have you tried some of these steps? Have you been successful in building your brand? Please leave your comments below, I’d love to read them and answer all of your questions.

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