How to breakdown the cost of advertising – why our ads are cheap

How to breakdown the cost of advertising, why our ads are so cheap? Hey, have you been wanting to run ads but you’re concerned and worried to lose money? Well, you’re in the right place because in this video, I’m gonna show you how you can do super cheap ads and I wanna show you the places to do them and how to do them. There’s a lot of choices for advertising, right?

I started with banner ads that you see on just some websites. We will hope that people will click on them and hope that people will get to our websites and look at some of our products and buy something which is not a good plan. I blew a lot of money with those ads and we don’t wanna do that.

To do advertising correctly, we need to know what our advertising dollar is bringing back and that’s what I want to show you in this video.

Let’s look at the nine reasons why online advertising is valuable:

✅03:10 – 1. Is it fast, flexible and trackable?

✅03:36 – 2. I want to drive traffic to my website and increase conversions.

✅04:10 – 3. Going to increase brand awareness and credibility and trust.

✅05:03 – 4. You can promote your specific target market.

✅05:48 – 5. I can reach hard to reach millennials.

✅06:50 – 6. Re-engage people who have already made contact.

✅07:46 – 7. Meet prospects where they are.

✅09:15 – 8. You can reduce the cost of marketing to people.

✅10:54 – 9. Your competitors are already doing it.

Why don’t we produce online ads? Well, it’s complicated in many ways because there are so many platforms. What I’d rather do is use the 2 best places to advertise which is Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook – You can run image ads.

YouTube – The best place to run your video ad.

Don’t do one ad and put all your money into it. You have to figure out what works first and spend about $5 – $10 before you put all your money on it.

Have you tried to do ads? What results have you got? Please let me know in the comments below and I’d love to answer all of it.

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