Continuity Income - What is continuity income and passive income secrets

💸What is continuity income – passive income secrets

What is continuity income – passive income secrets

Hey, would you like to be earning $1,000, $10,000, or $50,000 a month and not have to do any work? That sounds crazy right and that doesn’t sound possible but it is possible. I’m going to show you in this video how with courses and continuity that you can make an unlimited amount of money every single month with really not have to do much work.

✅ I’ve got a question for you and I want you to think about this. Which do you think is easier?

💡1. Selling a single thing over and over again to a whole bunch of different people?
💡2. Selling something once and the same person pays you over and over again?

Continuity means that the payments come to you on a continuous basis over and over again. The most common way to do this is through a membership site. The best hands-down place to build any type of membership site is Kartra.

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The thing is you’re constantly looking for customers. If you start a continuity aa membership type thing, you’re gonna get a customer and they’re gonna just keep paying you every month and you’ll love it. I have people who pay me every single month and that’s pretty awesome.

✅Please watch the full video and learn how you can make continuity income now.

Most of the people won’t take continuity but some will and that’s the point. You just need some to start building your book of business.

Now, I know some of you out there have probably tried continuity and you either failed, succeeded, or you’re somewhere in between. Maybe you need a little bit of help and I don’t mind doing that. So, in the comments below, what I’d like for you to do is put where you’re at, what stage are you at, and what are you having a problem with. Let me know that so I could help answer your questions and help you out with your business.

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