Kartra - Why Kartra is the best digital marketing platform - Part 2

Why Kartra is the best digital marketing platform – Part 2

πŸ“©Why Kartra is the best digital marketing platform – Part 2

Now, if you haven’t watched part 1, you want to go back and watch it these two videos. In the first video, I walk through all the things that Kartra can do. In this video here, I’m going to get into analytics and some of the other more technical stuff with Kartra. You’re gonna love it. You’re gonna like Kartra.

I don’t care what you use. Kartra’s better. Here are some of the things you can do with Kartra:

βœ…02:45 – You can import your leads
βœ…02:48 – You can add leads manually
βœ…02:50 – You can do a list of leads from the CSP File
βœ…03:00 – You can also create forms to collect leads

Here are some examples of the form builders right here for the record. This consistency between modules is something I really like about Kartra, in fact, this was one of my biggest gripes with most of the other software programs I had. Here are some examples:

βœ…03:30 -Single Op-in’s
βœ…03:31 – Double Op-in’s
βœ…03:32 – Custom Success URL
βœ…03:35 – Welcome messages when people’s signed-up
βœ…03:37 – Tagging
βœ…03:39 – Automation
βœ…03:40 – Behaviors
βœ…03:41 – Dozens of temples for you to use
βœ…04:59 – Sequence Builder
βœ…05:37 – Marketing Campaigns

Kartra basically gives you everything you want. Now, the important thing I think also is pricing and Kartra really kind of got it there too. Kartra has two main pricing plans for smaller businesses.

βœ…07:07 – Pricing

If you haven’t watched the video one, I do want to remind you to go back and watch video one. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/YpWiL1TGzKs

If you have questions about email providers about making money online, about selling stuff online, or if you’ve had some successes you’d like to share that would be really helpful to other people, please put that in the comments below.

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