Success Motivational Stories of 7 Truly Inspiring Entreprenuers

7 Motivational Success Stories Of Truly Inspiring Entrepreneurs

πŸ†πŸš©7 Motivational Success Stories Of Truly Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Do you want to be inspired and motivated? Do you feel like the underdog? Well, I’ve got 7 stories I want to share with you that are probably going to motivate you to really get things done.

Charles Swindoll said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it..” Nothing could be more true than that. The best success stories are kind of the underdog who overcame all the obstacles. If you think you’ve got obstacles in the way, they’re probably just stepping stones to help you succeed.

When I started my company, I really didn’t have any skills. I couldn’t even send emails properly but I announced that I was going to start selling products online and pretty much got laughed at because people thought I can’t do it.

HOW SOMEBODY WOULD VERY LITTLE GOING FOR HIM CAN BE REALLY SUCCESSFUL? I want you to watch the video while I share 7 motivational success stories of these truly inspiring entrepreneurs:

βœ…02:02 – 1. HOWARD PAYNE
βœ…03:53 – 2. KENT CLOTHIER
βœ…05:50 – 3. DEAN GRAZIOSI
βœ…06:32 – 4. JASON FLADLIEN
βœ…07:02 – 5. RUSSELL BRUNSON
βœ…07:57 – 6. FRANK KERN
βœ…08:51 – 7. JOE POLISH


If you have a tough situation that you’re in now, you’re probably more likely to be successful than somebody who’s in a great situation because disgust is a great motivator. Being angry about having to go to your job every day, discussing with where you live, what you’re wearing, what you’re driving, those are great motivators. If you’re in a really comfortable situation, it’s not really motivational. You don’t really want to change it that much because you think, well, maybe my situation could get worse.

So, if you’re in a situation like that right now, if you’re not motivated to go to your job, you probably are going to be motivated to start your own business. And if you do that, you could be wildly successful. You’ll never know unless you try.

Give me your comments on this video. Let me know what you thought of these people. If you’ve had some successes, but that below too. I would love to hear that.

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