The secret process to make money on line

The secret process to make money on line – J.R. Fisher


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Hey guys. JR Fisher here. And I’m in Sunny San Diego. But get this it’s actually raining. Rain behind raining in San Diego. It’s been raining for like three days. But we’re not here to talk about rain. We’re here to talk about the secret process to making money online. And you know I do a lot of coaching and I have courses and we sell products online. And. THE ONE. THING THAT I SEE ALL THE TIME. Is that people do the whole process really entirely wrong. They they go out and they say I want to make money online. So they go out and find a product. And they put that product online and they run ads to it and they don’t make any money or they make so little money that they actually lose money on the ads. And it’s really the process they’ve gone through. That’s the problem. And it’s the problem because that’s how you do it.

And you you know even if that worked it wouldn’t work. I know where you’re gonna make a profit selling a product online now. You know 10 years ago maybe you could find one product and you can make 20000 or 30000 dollars on this one product. But it’s really not how it’s done now. So I went to kind of go through the process since I’m driving down the interstate here and it’s raining and it’s gonna take me a while to get to where I’m going anyhow. But. Here’s the process. First off don’t look for a product. Don’t do it.

Look for a niche right. Look for a niche look for people who are you know Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts or you know we do survival food so we would go after survivalist and preparedness people. I teach stuff. So we look at people who want to make money online and e-commerce people. And then. We figure out what they want. So we kind of look and see what they’re searching for. What are the big searches. And it’s easy to figure out. I mean Google will teach you this you know if you if you put in you know survival whatever in the top of Google or you know fishing or fishing equipment whatever it’s going to tell you like the first and second biggest searches and you can look at those searches and then you’re going to find products. Which is great but that’s just only the beginning.

You then want to have profitable products to sell and ones that are proven and you can do that by actually searching in Facebook and looking at some of the ads there. I have a book on that and I’ll do a shameless plug here. The book is and it teaches you how to find excuse me profitable products to sell. Online. Without risk without technical experience right. That’s pretty cool. So that’s the first thing you want to do. You got your product you’re all set up. You say well I’m good. I got a product to sell I’m off and running but that’s not the case because one product does not make a business OK. A business is built around a whole bunch of different products and services and different things so what we want to do is understand that once we’ve got that product for sale we need to do a couple of things. We we first off when we run the ad don’t run it to your Web site. Don’t do that because people are going to get there and they’re going to go what do I do now. What you need to do is run an ad for a particular product a single product just one product and it should go to a page in that page should have two choices to buy the product or to click off the page. That’s I mean no other choices should be on that page. So when they get to that page there it’s not a category. It’s not your Web site. It is a page that sells that product. Now in addition to that product you should allow them to get a bump What’s a bump. Well a bump is a little extra amount of money they’re going to pay to get something extra. And I’ll give you an example if you go to my book page we sell the book for five dollars and sixty cents. And below the book there’s a little box you can check. And what do you get for that. You get the audio version of the book. So that’s that’s pretty related. You know you got the book. People want the audio version. It will drive around and listen to it. So that’s not it though. That’s not the end of this story. After they buy that it should go to another page.

Not a thank you page at this point put it up sell page. There should be another related product there that is offered to them like we have courses. So we may have a continuity thing and twenty seven dollars a month or whatever. And you should offer that product because no prospect is hotter than when they just bought. OK. So if they just bought something from you you need to have another more expensive product. Right after that. If they don’t want that expensive product let them collect. No I don’t want to add this to the cart. But what you may want to do is have a down sell. OK. And a down sell is a product that’s also related but it’s a little bit cheaper than that up sell. But a little bit more expensive than the original buy. OK. So that way you’ve given them a couple choices because maybe they didn’t want one course but maybe they wanted. I don’t know. Some other smaller horse you had so maybe you want a for that to get choices but after they say no to the first choice. In addition to that once you’ve sold them you need to have a group of related products and these related products you need to contact them via email because you now have them on your list. You should be. You should be building a list and then you can start emailing them on a regular basis of good content. Some other products that are related to what they bought from you and you build that relationship. Somebody who has already bought from you is like 10 times more likely to buy another product from you than a cold prospect. And. Of course. A cold prospect. For a definition of that is somebody who doesn’t know you doesn’t know you have a solution and maybe doesn’t even know they have a problem at that point. So you know it’s a whole lot tougher to sell that cold prospect. But if you don’t do the sales sequence if you don’t you know first I’ll figure out what your niche is and then figure out products to sell to arm once again.

If if you have trouble trying to figure out a product to sell. Go grab my book. OK I put it. In the description but if somebody would type it in there for me I would really appreciate it. Just type in there w w w dot. Fisher book dot com and it doesn’t matter if you’re watching this live it doesn’t matter if you watching it later. You know if you stick that in there man that will really help because they can just click anything go get the book but you’ll get that book and you can figure out how to sell products. It’s a whopping five dollars and sixty cents which isn’t a lot of money but he’ll get you on my list and maybe I’ve got something else I want to sell you. Down the road who knows what you’ll see the process you know if nothing else you can spend five dollars and sixty cents and get walk through the process of exactly what we do. We do this every single day. So if you go to you can grab yourself one of those books and learn how to find products. But please don’t go out and find a product and start to run ads and just send them to a product and without doing all those other steps because if you don’t. What happens is there’s other people like me and we’re doing all these other steps so we make a little bit more money. When this customer and you don’t make as much. So what that does is it drives up the cost of these ads and we can afford the ads because we’re making more than we’re spending on the ad but you if you’re selling one single product you know you’re going to notice that the cost of buying that customer the cost of getting somebody to buy your product is just too high.

You can’t afford to buy customers and if you can’t afford to buy customers you go out of business. The person that’s gonna do the best right in selling products is the person that can pay the most to gain a customer because if I gain a customer and I can buy it for you know and I can spend more for that customer than you can then of course I’m going to win because I want more customers. You can’t afford them so don’t let that happen to you. Follow this process make sure you have bumps. Make sure you get up sales make sure you get follow ups. You know it’s been said that about 70 to 80 percent of your profit will be made after the initial purchase. So you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not doing this guy’s gotta gotta do this. Go grab my book. It’s w w w dot J R Fisher books. Now you may have questions about this process. You may want more information you can post in the comments section there. Any questions you have and I’ll see you I’ll get notified once I get notified. I can go back and answer your questions and you can get all your stuff answered. Feel free. For free is good right. That’s pretty cool. So I’m going to go back to battling this rain and I’m on Interstate 15 here in San Diego and I got to tell you it’s pretty crowded. It’s I mean it’s crowded this time of day anyhow but man when it rains you can forget about it.

I mean it’s it’s pretty tough out here now. So tough life. Just kidding of course. Guys I appreciate you listening. Put your comments in there. Hey if he got something from this video go ahead and like it share it. I would really appreciate that. But some comment that it puts something down there. Let me know you’re there interact with me a little bit I would appreciate it. All right I’ll let you go and get ready get off my eggs in here and head to one of them their Apple stores to get one of my little apple items fixed it’s a headset. This is giving me a hard time so I’ve got to get that big. So I appreciate you listening. Don’t forget. We’ll get the book Learn to find products. Got questions put them in there I’ll answer them and let’s make some money online some good. Great. I’ll talk to your Olson.

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