How to succeed at an online business

How to succeed at an online business – J.R. Fisher


Video Transcript

Hey guys. JR Fisher here and I am in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico and we just docked this morning so we may go in town I want to talk to you guys for a couple of minutes. You know I’ve talked to a lot of people here had the marketers cruise and there’s I mean you you’re on the ship you’re for a second get all this behind me and it was beautiful really cool and outside the window here. If you can see much they’re kind of hard to see but when I walk out there and a second I want to talk to you about how to succeed in business because so many people you know are really educated they’re really smart they know what they’re doing. You know they’ve got all that stuff.

Going on but unfortunately they lack one thing and that’s the most important thing and that is implementation so you can know all kinds of stuff I mean you can be smart about a lot of stuff you can gather all this knowledge. But I I tell you it implementation just crushes everything else because.

You know even if even if you don’t do it exactly right. Even if it’s not perfect if you’re doing something if you’re moving forward and you’re implementing what you’ve learned then eventually you’re going to succeed. But the fact is no matter how much information that you gather no matter how much stuff you put together you know if you don’t implement if you don’t actually get out there and do the things that you know. You’re not going to succeed. Now why is that. Now the question is why would you have all this information. Why would you have all this knowledge why would you gain all this stuff and yet not implement it. Well I think it comes down to this. You think you’re a perfectionist. In other words you think Oh my God. This has got to be right. You know this this sales page has got to be perfect.

This video has got to be awesome the lighting has to be right and you see right now my lighting is not good. I’m sitting in the lobby of this cruise ship right now get ready to go outside. But I knew any one thing it was more important that I talk to you about this than I get the perfect quality video because. Quite honestly on a cruise ship I’m not going to get the perfect quality video so I could say well you know this week I’m not going to shoot a video and I got to do anything because I know the lighting is not going to be right. And it’s not going to be perfect. So why don’t I just wait till I get back. But I would have missed that opportunity. To share information with you that can help you move forward in your business. And I don’t want to do that. And the fact is you said well I could make up for next week.

You know I can I would. And I hate when somebody says I can make up for something because you can never make up for it once a day is gone. Okay once that day has passed and you didn’t do something it’s impossible for you to do enough to make up for that that you can’t. You can have all worked really hard tomorrow J.R. and I’ll do all these great things tomorrow and you’ll see it’ll be just awesome. Well you know you may do some great things tomorrow but you can’t make up for the day you lost. So I would tell you you need to implement now a lot of you are looking for a place to start. And if you don’t have a place to start you gotta to start somewhere and the place to start is to have a product to sell. So I am gonna to give my shameless plug right now go grab my book.

It’s I put it in the comments but if you would do me a favor also and if you would listed in the comments for me I just type in there I would really appreciate it because the more interaction one of these videos gets of course the better off it is the more distribution Facebook going to give me. And the more people that will see it. But you know what. Let’s let’s I want to take you outside for just a second here let me grab my backpack. Got it right here. So we get thanks. And let’s see here I got the stuff I need my pockets. Let’s walk outside here real quick and kind of look around see if I can show you guys some of this I go out here on the deck of the ship.

And this is pretty cool. Here is as you can see there’s cheers going up and down the. Back of the ship. And over my shoulder here. Let me show you. There is Puerto Vallarta. Pretty beautiful place here. Gorgeous. You look down here. And see a lot of the buildings down there. And a little bit of the water. So guys it. Really you know I wouldn’t be here. If it wasn’t for. Implementation. I got to tell you.

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