How to increase conversions with less work

How to increase conversions with less work – J.R. Fisher


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Hey everybody. JR Fisher here well make sure you can hear me.

So I hope you can. So if you’re watching right now. Just put in that comment section if you can hear me. Make it sure you get this thing right. Lighting is still not right. Keep messing with this lighting and I can’t get it bright enough but I’m working on that. OK so I’m not a cinematographer. I’m an economics guy. OK. I sell stuff online. So I’m working on it. I’ll work on that to get better. So what I’m going to talk to you about today is actually you’re going to get things crazy but you can actually do less work and make more sales. For years we have been doing this wrong and I’ve seen a shift in this. I’ve tried it myself and it works a lot better. So what I’ve got to do is I’m going to go through the old way that we used to sell stuff online and kind of talk about a new way to do it. And you’re going to have one of these aha moments and you’re going to go Oh my God what did I think of that. And it’s because you don’t and it’s because what we do is we do what everybody else is doing because everybody else is doing it. So it’s got to be right.

But that’s not always the case and you’re going to find that out just one sided. So what I want to do is I want to walk you through the steps of how we’re making money now. Justin. OK. So what we do now is we run let’s say a Facebook app. And I do Facebook ads. I don’t I don’t do YouTube ad and Twitter any of that. Not that they aren’t good. I mean they could be great. Just not my thing. OK. So do you Facebook ads. And what most people do is they want to get a name in the idea of getting a name is to get somebody on a list and to sell them something. I mean that’s right in itself but there’s a better way of doing it. So this is what we’ve been doing. We’ll run a Facebook ad and it’s going to go to some download or PDF or something like that. And then they’re going to opt in and when they opt in.

We’ve got their e-mail and we’re excited we got. Oh my God. I got an e-mail I got somebody added to my list I’m so pumped. This is so awesome. And then what do we do. We wait a day or two or hours or whatever as we wait some period of time and we send them an e-mail with some content. Now why do we do that we send an e-mail with the content because we want to build up this relationship. We want to let that love us and think that we’re smart in our stuff is cool and we wait and we send him this cool piece of content and then guess what else we do. The next thing we do is we send them another piece of content. Now we may wait wait a day or a week or whatever it is but we’re going to wait some period of time and we’re going to send them another piece of content. Now after we’ve sent in these two pieces of content this one and this one here what we do is we send them what we call them off.

OK. So this is something that we want to sell them that we want to make some money all right. What do we want to get a customer out of this. And it works. Not saying it doesn’t work but the problem with it is it doesn’t work as well as it could if we did less work. What I mean less work. Well here’s my new suggestion for you. And you can try this out make sure works on your leash. But I’ll bet you’ll find that it does work out because I’ve been doing it with a book which you can do it with videos you can do with whatever you want. First thing we do is we get rid of step one where they opt in.

We just get rid of it. No more opting in.

OK. You said Well JR I don’t get their e-mails I get some content that’s so important. I mean my content so awesome I want them to see it if that were true why don’t you just let him see it. Why not just let him see your concept. So instead of sending them to this opt in page where they download an opt in here’s what we do is we send them to a Facebook ad to contact OK. So immediately we hit him a content you said JR we’ll have our e-mail. Yes you will.

Because we’re going to put a pop up right here for email and name and it’s going to say in your name and e-mail to instantly watch right out of pickup elephants with one hand.

 OK. Whatever it is that you want to show them just say put in your name and e-mail right now and get this context. This is essentially what you’re doing up here right. You’re saying put in your e-mail and download these 10 steps and then I’m going to give you my cool concept but I’m going to hold off on this tool content until it’s been a couple of days and you’ve forgotten about me and your excitement has worn down. So it doesn’t make sense right. So what we want to do is this cool piece of content is right here in this content could be a video. It could be training. It could be a book. It could be whatever you want. But let’s go ahead and give it to them right up front. Why not. I mean if this stuff is so good why did you wait days to give it to him. Why do we wait hours. They’re hot right now. They like us right now given the content right up front. Now here’s another step and I bet you’re not doing as you give them this content.

Also give them an offer.

OK so if your content so cool and your offer is so great why do you make a way to way down here to get that offer. They don’t have to write if they want your content and they like it right now. Why wait and send them another email later on. Now here with more content and make a wait again where they get your offer. And on top of that this offer is not sandwiched in content right. Your content. The cool stuff that if you’re content the thing that you want to show that you know what you’re talking about that you know how to train or in a particular area you know how to lose weight or whatever it is. So immediately what we’re going to do now. And by the way I’m going to demonstrate this and the second is you’re going to give them content and you’re gonna give them an offer they can go and buy your thing right now. And here’s the funny thing. A portion of the people will buy right up front. I know this.

Why do I know this because I read a book float right now in the book funnel basically tells them all the cool stuff I got and it says hey Boom here’s a book you can get it right now. If you want that book Here watch watch what I’m doing here. You can get that book right now I put it in the comments section and if you want to get my book on how to find profitable products to sell online go to And you can get it right now see how I did that. You’re watching this content and I made you an offer that simple. OK so you could do that. And by the way do me a favor if you’re watching this video and you can type which I can type very well but I can still pull this all type in that comment section. . You did. Thank you so much Jessica.

She just said that I really appreciate that. And Fisher has no C in it. OK so you put a C in it. You’re not gonna get it. You’re not going to get it that way. So. So what do we do here. We did a Facebook ad we ran it directly to content. We asked in the pop pop up. I can’t talk. We asked them with their email name into a pop up and that way they could instantly watch your content. So you’re gonna to have like a screenshot of your content behind it. And that little pop up says enter your email and name to install we watch. OK. You’ll get more people if you do this folks you’re going to get more people to buy also because you’re going to make an offer. Then what you do is you have them on your list now. OK. This is step 1 now because we will race this step Step Two now is more awesome content.

All right. So now we can e-mail him. We’re going to send another video or some more training and this would be more awesome content. Plus what else on offer. All right.

So now they’ve got an offer once they got an offer twice. Here’s the funny thing guys. If you ask somebody to sell or you asked me to buy from you more than once you have a greater chance of anybody. As a matter of fact most customers will tell you they had to be asked three times before they ever bought from somebody three times so if you’re not trying to close them three times you’re missing out on the majority that seems right off the bat. But I started right here with this first piece of content. Second piece of content on offer. And then guess what else I did. I do a third piece of content.

So we have more, boy that doesn’t look like him or you have more awesome content. Plus what I’ve been you’re picking this up already an offer.

Right now there’s a couple things you can do here. You can make the same offer three times. One two three you can make three different offers because sometimes somebody doesn’t buy what you have because it’s not the right offer. OK so maybe they didn’t want a course on Facebook ads. They wanted a course on building web pages. OK so if you’ve got a few different offers you can stick different offers in here but never never give me and I didn’t do this years ago. Never give them content without offer. Once again trying to get my book. See I did that just now. Go to And you’ll learn how to find products to sell online it’s 40 pages it’s simple you can read it in a couple hours or you can also off for the audio version and if you do that you listen to your car your phone whatever you want.

Ok so I just did it. I just did that right. You heard me do it. It’s five dollars and sixty cents. Why wouldn’t you grab that. OK. And then here’s what you want to do. You want to run a little campaign and it’s got to be an expiration campaign. OK so we want it to expire now. Now we want to do a countdown. You get two days left. You get three days left. Whatever it is and do that countdown. And of course this here is your offer and you’re talking about once again. So once again from the get go. Don’t have people opt in and then send them an e-mail with your offer right up front. Give them your cool content. Have a pop up for them to opt in to watch this stuff and get your content right up front and make an offer. Then you can send them another e-mail and then that e-mail more awesome content plus offer.

And the third one more US content plus an offer. OK. And you could actually carry this out for as long as you want. But then you want to do an offer with an expiration now. The expiration of the offer is super super important because if you have an expiration there’s no urgency. OK. You got to have the urgency that this is going to run out after a certain number days and make sure that that sales page does expire. In other words if it’s a 72 hour sale at 72 hours when they go there it should say offer has expired and there’s a way of setting that up. And if you want more information on that feel free to comment. I’ll tell you how to do that you can set it up so that every individual person has different expirations. OK you can do that. So make sense right. Kind of cool right. Saves you a step saves you all this work right here you’re working to stop that don’t do it anymore just send them to your cool content. Make them an offer like this.

Go to . Grab my book. You’ll learn how to find some really super cool profitable products to sell online. Hey I hope you enjoyed this video. I’d love to hear your comments that you could do so whether you’re watching this live or not at any point when you’re watching this video. OK. It’s a week it’s a month it’s whatever. Could you comment in there and what they’re going to do is they’ll notify me and then I will reply to your comments if you get questions about this process. One more information. Just ask me I’ll give it to you. And you want to be extra cool share here in this video on your timeline share with your friends share with your family let them know that you’re a cool person because you will be if you share this because they’re going to learn something and they get to learn it for free. That’s pretty cool stuff. Guys I really appreciate you watching this. Don’t forget to Like Share and Comment on this video and I’m going to talk to you real soon. Now watch this on the terror list. Just like this.

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