5 easy steps to target money making audiences

5 easy steps to target money-making audiences

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5 easy steps to target money-making audiences in this video

I’m going to go over how you can target money-making audiences and get more sales. That’s what it’s all about when you apply these simple steps you get more sales and make more money. I have an e-commerce course valued at $97 and if you stick to the end you could have it absolutely free. https://jrfisher.kartra.com/page/ecom…

What is audience targeting? – This is really a simple way for online marketers to find valuable customers and focus and scale based on their online and offline actions. You can target audiences by interests.

Here are the 5 simple ways to target audiences:

02:13 – Remark it with Google Ads

02:41 – Custom Audience Targeting

03:38 – Prioritize SEO

04:09 – Target Interest on Facebook

05:12 – Use Chat Box

These five don’t encompass everything but they do encompass the top things you should do. If you incorporate these five things then you’re gonna be hitting the main ones but don’t stop at that, always do more research.

Always be looking for more ways to target your customers and always be building your list. My goodness, that’s the one thing I would tell you, are you always have to build your list because you’re going to have people drop off. You’re going to have people change their emails. You’re gonna have people move or lose interest or whatever it is and if you don’t continually build that list and add to your list then you’re gonna stay level or you’re gonna shrink.

It’s not something you do one time and you’re done with it. Unfortunately, that would be great if you could but that’s just not how it is. So, keep in mind, don’t just use these five ways and always look for more and more ways to build your list so you can sell more products to your customers now.

Have you tried different ways to target audiences? I want you to go to the comments section and put in there what you tried and exactly what you did so that I can answer you and help you out in that. Thanks for watching this video.

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