12 rules to increase your video quality – video making tips for beginners

12 rules to increase your video quality

I’m going to give you the twelve rules to increase your video quality. Each rule will surely make your video better to get more views.

01:55 – Where you shoot your videos (inside/outside – time of day)

03:00 – What camera you use

✅(Nikon DSLR 3500 https://amzn.to/2AHAB70 – cell phones. Get one with an audio input or record your audio on a separate device.

04:13 – Use editing software. I use Camtasia. Made for Andriod and Ios apple. The free ones don’t have as many tracks

05:35 – Proper lighting

06:39 – Use backdrops

07:49 – Have help with your videos

08:43 – Rent equipment

09:40 – Have good audio, microphone

10:56 – Have good content

11:30 – Have a template of your video.

✅State the name.

✅Announce what you will cover.

✅Explain why you have the right to make the video.

✅Ask for subscriptions and comments.

✅Offer a gift when they stay to the end.

✅Do the body of the content.

✅Give the free gift and ask for comments, likes, and subscribes.

12:47 – Have a video schedule and more the better

13:47 – Do videos on subjects they are looking for – Tubebuddy, link in the description.

If you do those things you can create better videos and if you have better videos that people are looking for. Guess what, your channel grows and you get more viewers and subscribers.

Now, have you done any of these things I mean? What have you done to optimize your videos or to do better videos? Have you found some tricks and secrets you’d like to share? Put them in the comments below if you’ve had problems shooting videos and you need some help.

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