How you can make a high converting Kartra sales funnel for beginners

How you can make a high converting Kartra sales funnel for beginners. Hey, I was a beginner at one time and you know what? It’s tough to not know what to do but in this video, I’m gonna show you how you can create a high converting sales funnel in Kartra.

Kartra is an awesome place to do this. Once you learn how to do it, it’s gonna be pretty easy but we need to learn all the steps and you got to do it properly to make the whole thing work right. Now you may be thinking that a funnel is a thing where you pour the liquid into to keep it from spilling on a counter but there’s another kind of funnel altogether, it’s called a sales funnel.

1:58 – Sales Funnel – It channels customers into a sales process to offer them products and to increase your profit.

3:26 – Once I’ve set up my sales process, Kartra takes care of all the work for me, they actually send out the emails and they do it on a time basis that I set up and then I can go back doing something else or working on my business and that automatically works for me and gets me sales on a regular basis.

3:44 – Email sequence setup

4:58 – Starting Rule

5:13 – Set your course of action

6:24 – Split Action Rules

6:46 – Linking split with starting rules

7:51 – Sequence sample

Kartra is really amazing. I know every day I wake up and I look at my phone and I see if that payments are coming from people who have gone through my sequences and it’s just awesome to know that you can do that and set it up and be making money while you aren’t doing anything at all. It’s really pretty cool!

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