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Better alternatives to selling on eBay and Amazon. Hey, have you been selling on eBay and Amazon and you just don’t want to do it anymore? I mean maybe the fees are too high, maybe you lost your account or maybe you’re just tired of competing with people that don’t even carefully make a profit? Well in this video I’m gonna give you the best alternatives to selling on Amazon and eBay.

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Etsy started in 2005 and it was more of a Parsi kind of crafty website and they’ve grown since then and I mean they’ve grown in a big way to where they have 1.6 million sellers on there now. All kinds of products both new and crafted products. They also have 26.1 million buyers which is amazing.

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Bonanza has a catchphrase that says “find everything”. You’re allowed to sell a much wider variety of wholesale products which opens up more opportunities.

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Rubylane is more on the antique side and vintage type items if you have items that are antiques or that are vintage those are really good products for Rubylane.

✅Now, here are some of the top-selling website alternatives to Amazon and eBay:

✅6:05 – Craigslist
✅7:29 –
✅8:25 –
✅9:54 –
✅11:29 –
✅12:39 –
✅14:15 –

They fit different people based on their products so you kind of got to look at your product and what they offer. I would suggest you do a little bit more research on each one of them before you actually invest your time and money and putting your products there.

If you’ve got some suggestions of places where you would like to sell your products or that you have sold your products or if you’ve had any dealings with Amazon or eBay, put that in the comment section below!

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