This is how we know what works in advertising today – what makes great advertising

This is how we know what works and advertising today and you tried to figure out what kind of ads to run or worse yet, where to run your ads. Well, in this video, I’m gonna pull back the curtains. I’m gonna give you the secrets so that you can get great results and know exactly where to advertise and how to advertise online. Now, let’s figure out the platform you should be advertising on and how you should be advertising. Advertising is really pretty simple.

✅Here’s the formula – Earn more than you spend.

Let’s look at the different forms of advertising:

✅02:23 1. Paid search advertising

✅02:46 2. Paid social advertising

✅03:22 3. Native advertising

✅04:12 4. Pre and mid-roll advertising

✅06:09 5. Display advertising

Now, doing ads, don’t forget it helps you build your brand too. It’s not just about sales. Remember at the beginning of this video I told you somebody had been looking at my videos for two years. Before they spent $1000 on one of my courses so the whole time that you’re getting your picture out there, you’re getting your logo out there, you’re getting your content out there, you’re building this goodwill, you’re building this trust and it may not pay off today or tomorrow but it does pay off if you’re giving people what they want. Don’t forget that you are building a brand people are getting content and in the long run, it’s gonna help you sell more products.

Now, Have you tried some of these advertising areas? Please let me know what works for you or what didn’t work. Leave those comments below.

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