How to write sales pages that convert Part 2 of 2

How to write sales copy that converts. This is part two of a two-part series. If you haven’t watched part one you’ll want to go back and click the link in the description. I would suggest you go back there because it has a whole lot of steps that are gonna help you out like this ad copy. Now, if you’re struggling to write ad copy and you haven’t had years of experience, then you really don’t even know where to start. These two videos in the series will walk you through each step and you’ll have a whole lot more insight and you can write a lot better ad copy.

If you don’t have a plan, just follow these steps and I promise you’ll do well. You just have to keep testing and everything will work out. We’re gonna learn how to write these sales pages.

We did 1 through 9 in the first video and let’s continue with the steps on how to write sales pages that convert:

✅02:29 10. Proof visitors can trust you.
✅04:17 11. Incorporate images and videos.
✅05:57 12. Make your copy scannable.
✅08:06 13. Make your sales pages in a font that is readable.
✅10:17 14. Design a dynamic layout.
✅10:45 15. Use responsive design.
✅11:34 16. Make a clear message that makes them want to act.
✅12:21 17. Use multiple call-to-actions.
✅14:29 18. Make it urgent.
✅15:11 19. Use an exit intent pop.

Now, between the two videos this in these two video series, you’ve got 19 things you can do. If you did half of those things, you’re going to decrease your sales but my goodness, why would you not do all 19 of them now?

I want to know what your opinion is of some of these things I’ve suggested. Put your comments below and let me know what you think of these things.

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