How do you get the cheapest clicks – Part 1 of 2

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How do you get the cheapest clicks – Part 1. Now, if you’re running ads, what’s important is to get cheap clicks. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and need to get’em as cheap as possible. I’m gonna show you in this video, how you can get clicks for less than and I’ll show you a way you can get them for .0000 cents per click.

When we run ads obviously we want cheap clicks but we all get these emails all the time where people say they can get us. A million clicks for a penny or whatever it is and the truth about it doesn’t matter what they cost.

When I’m running engagement campaigns to figure out what type of picture or image to put in an ad, I’ll run it to the Philippines, India, and Pakistan just to get engagement to get people to are never conversion heads. In other words, these aren’t ads to actually sell a product.

We’ve got to look at the metrics and we got to figure out what cost per click actually means. Now, here’s the truth, if you’re making money on your ads and you’re running these cost per click ads but you’re still making money, why do you care what the cost per click is? Sure you want it to go down and you want it to be less so you can make more profit but if you’re making a profit, I would run more ads and I would buy more than ads every single day.

If your making a profit, here’s what you should really be looking at is the cost per acquisition okay in other words,

✅What does it cost you to get somebody to buy your product?

✅What does it cost you to get somebody to opt-in?

✅hat does it cost you to get somebody to sign up for your webinar?

That’s what you want to look at. This is the most important metric because this metric is going to let you know if you’re going to be profitable or not. Most of these pay-per-click platforms whether it be a Facebook, Bing, Adwords, and all they really just give you vanity type of metrics and they don’t really do you any good.

If you figure out your customer acquisition costs you can back into all this stuff, you can make the adjustments you want so that you get the results you need. Now that I’ve got your head thinking the right way you’re not trying to just get cheap clicks.

Now, in video two, I’m going to show you some examples of how you can use this to your advantage and you can improve your actual cost and how you can make yourself more profitable and of course get more conversions. You want to sell more whatever you’re selling.

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