Beginners guide to email marketing in Kartra – Send Kartra email, step by step

Beginner’s guide to email marketing in Kartra. So, you’re wanting to start to send emails in Kartra but you have no clue where to begin? Well, you’re gonna want to watch this video to the very end because I’m gonna take you from a real beginner to set up your first emails in this video.

I’ve used a lot of different pieces of software then by far Kartra email marketing does more for our business of anything else. When we switched over to Kartra, we actually cancelled eight different pieces of software because Kartra did all those things for us.

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I set up my pages where they could click on it and they actually go to a page and there’s a product that they can buy. You have to have that done before you set up these emails because you’re gonna have them click and
go somewhere.

3:13 – Start with your Leads
3:29 – Don’t forget to tag them

✅ Sending email in Kartra, step by step:

4:42 – Go over to MY CAMPAIGN then Select Broadcast
5:11 – Automations, Sends, Schedule, & all the things you need to to
5:20 – Sending emails or SMS
5:35 – Send from area
5:44 – Once email list is built, you’ll get this dropdown menu and choose where to send
6:08 – Kartra will tell you how many leads you selected and see how many emails will go out
6:27 – A/B split test
6:59 – Toggle from Basic & Advance
7:06 – Have links in those emails
7:28 – You can actually change components, templates, headlines, etc. in advanced settings
8:22 – Be careful not to click x or delete button in the email editor
8:36 – Decide what percent of these emails will to go one group versus the other group
9:03 – Using dynamic variables
9:49 – Set up an automation to go out to people who have not opened my emails
10:10 – If a lead opened my email, I can add them to another list
11:28 – You can save emails in the draft if you’re not yet ready to send them

Now, what did you like about this video? What do you want to know about it? If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave it in the comments below. I’d love to answer all your questions.

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