How to write converting copy for your ads

How to write converting copy for your ads?

Writing an ad should be simple. It’s not very difficult to write a high converting ad. In other words, somebody is actually going to buy something by looking at and reading your ad. Now, I’m gonna make it super easy in this video by sharing with you the five things that you need to do to have a high converting ad.

So, I think the toughest part of doing an ad is sitting down at a blank screen and there’s nothing there. You have no idea what direction you’re going. In these five steps, I’m gonna help you out with that because you’re gonna have a plan.

✅02:06 1. Extend your brand voice to your ad copy.
✅03:48 2. Make sure that you clearly communicate the who, what, where, when and why.
✅05:12 3. Test
✅09:00 4. Combine your ads with complementary visuals and targeting.
✅10:26 5. Align your ad copy with his specific sales final targeting.

I want you to think about the five steps I gave you and I want your comments comment below.

⚠️Have you tried some of these things?
⚠️Did you know some of these things?
⚠️Do you have some ideas that could help somebody out?

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