YouTube Money - Secret ways to make money on YouTube

🤐Secret ways to make money on YouTube

Secret ways to make money on YouTube

Look, nobody wants to tell you. They keep all of that good information to themselves. Those top YouTubers that are making all that money, they don’t want you to know about this stuff, but in this video, I’m gonna share with you the secrets that they know that help them make YouTube money and it has nothing to do with running ads in their videos.

I’ve kind of cracked the code as far as what’s gonna really make you money on YouTube. You don’t need a lot of subscribers and you don’t have to have tons of views. There are some little secret things that you can do though that are gonna make you some money.

Now, watch the video and let’s jump right into it now:

✅02:38 – 1. Sell merchandise
✅03:39 – 2. Have FREE opt-ins
✅04:20 – 3. Do sponsored reviews and videos
✅05:44 – 4. Affiliate link
✅07:51 – 5. Use “” website
✅09:08 – 6. Running adds on your videos

Now, do you have a channel? Are you working on it? What’s your niche what have you tried to do? I want to see what you’re doing out there.

I know a lot of you are working on your channels right now. You’re trying to figure this thing out. You’re trying to figure how to make money and you may be a little surprised that some of the top ways to make money have nothing to do with running ads.

Give me your opinion in the comments below. Post what you’ve done, what you’ve tried, and tell me about your channel. I’m gonna go check it out if you post down there and you just say. “I’ve got a channel”. I’ll click on your name, I’ll go to your channel, and maybe I’ll subscribe to your channel and help you build your list.

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