Here's why I won't Like your business page

Here’s why I won’t Like your business page – J.R. Fisher


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Hey everybody. JR Fisher here. And look at the camera it’s up there I always forget that I looked. I look at the screen and that’s where I’m at. So I assume I’m looking the right spot. Not gonna look up there. I want to share something with you that will make you some money. And if you don’t know this it can actually cost you money and actually cost you your entire business. Pretty bad right. We don’t want that to happen. So I got a message from somebody today and they were a member of my actual private Facebook group. The art of e-commerce success and I get to my screen here I just lost my screen excuse me for one second here we go. And their request was for me is to actually like their business page. And guess what I didn’t do. I didn’t like their business page and I don’t mean personally I don’t like it. I mean they wanted me to click and like their business page and I knew that if I did that it would harm them.

Now you may be saying well how could it harm them. Oh I forgot to mention too I’m doing a free live Facebook training on Thursday. This is live right now. This is the night tomorrow at 4:00 PM. You do not want to miss this. OK. This is gonna give you a lot of the methods that we use. It’s going to help you out. All you got to do to attend. It’s free. You know you don’t. You don’t have to do anything you’re giving me your email so I can tell you where it’s going to be at. But that’s about it. It’s going to be at DIT.lyford/ads-JR and if you would if you’re watching this. Do me a favor and take that in the comments section now. I can’t do it while I’m doing. I can’t even look at the right camera. But if you could do that for me I would greatly appreciate it. So anyhow so I didn’t like this person’s page. I mean physically I didn’t click on a little button that liked the page and why wouldn’t I do that. I mean that’s that’s just being a jerk right.

Why would I do this friend of mine somebody that’s in my group. Somebody I want to help because it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s like if we have a little bit of surface knowledge and we apply it and we don’t understand the methodology of Facebook behind it you can actually hurt us. And let me explain to you why I didn’t like that page and why it hurt things. Thank you for typing that in there Jessica. Here’s why I didn’t like because the page and I’m going to I’m going to make something up it wasn’t about this that the page was about women’s dresses. OK. They were selling women’s dresses. And why wouldn’t I like that page. Why wouldn’t I just be a nice guy and say sure when you click that for you let me get you more likes. Let me get you what you want. I know you’re trying to get likes because it would harm them and how would it harm them. Well here’s how it would harm them the way Facebook looks at this is people who like your page are people who are interested in what you’ve got to sell. I personally was not interested in women’s dresses for obvious reasons. OK now if you are that’s fine.

But if I were to like that page and I’m sure they’re doing this with like all their friends and family and anybody they can get like their page to get likes and they think in their head well G if I have a whole lot of likes that’s good right. Because a whole lot of likes is what Facebook wants and if I get a whole lot of likes then my page is popular. And I’m gonna be successful. And nothing could be further from the truth because the truth is the people that like your page need to be interested in your product because what you’re trying to do is build a profile of people who are actually interested in your niche. So if I was a female and I was the age group that they wanted and I bought that kind of dress or yeah I would like the page that would help them out. But what happens is if you get a whole lot of people like in your page and you just get a bunch of likes and they’re random they’re all over the place you’ve got men and women you’ve got children and you’ve got older people and none of them really match up to your demographic of what you’re trying to sell that’s going to hurt you. And why is that going to hurt you. Well it’s going to hurt you because those people are not going to be sharing them with their friends and family that have the same type of interests.

No they won’t be doing that at all. They’re just going to like it to make you happy and like your page. Bottom line is I want a lot of people to like my page that actually like my niche and those people actually would share it with other people who would like that niche. So if I’m in a save the turtles and I did a video on that they’re going to say the turtle leash and I get somebody who really wants to save the turtles and I’m selling turtle jewelry and T-shirts and hats and whatever scarves. Well then I just want people who are really into that. I would much rather have a hundred likes of people who are really into turtles. I’ve got a turtle page then ten thousand likes of people who have no interest in that whatsoever that they clicked on it just to make me happy because here’s what happens if I have a hundred people were really into this any products that I offer any services whatever they’re probably going to be interested and they may even buy from me. OK. And if I want to reach target the people who have like my page through a Facebook ad which you can do you can actually re-target people who like your page. Well then I’m going to be actually targeting people who are actually interested.

Now if I try to run a re-targeting ad and I’ve got ten thousand likes and they’re just random people from all around the world all different walks of life and you know nothing actually matches up to Hey Don what’s going on. So he’s just joined us there. We’re kind of late. We’re in California. And what time is it. It is 7:25 PM So I’m just wrapping up the day here but if I’ve got all these random lights from all around the world and different walks of life and I try to reach targeted my Facebook pixel can’t do its job it can’t say hey these are the type of people that I want to put an ad in front of. And I want to go out and do look like audiences and match up to these people because it won’t be able to do it. It just won’t be able to do it. So do not once again do not ask random people to like your business page and you know what almost everybody is guilty of this when they first get the business page because they’re all told that surface knowledge not surface knowledge could kill you that surface knowledge is you know get a lot of likes and we don’t want that. We want people who actually like our needs. Now if if you’re trying to figure out Facebook ads and God knows it’s hard to do I want you to attend my live training either tomorrow which is Thursday in America.

I know it may be Thursday someplace else right now but Thursday in America at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time this is free live training. I’m going to be going for about an hour and then afterwards I’m going to be doing some Q and A questions and you can ask questions and low and behold at the very end I’m going to show you where you can get more training and if you want to go in for that that’s cool if you don’t that’s fine. Get the free training and leave after that. It’s not a big deal so you can certainly do that. Do me a favor and I want to ask you a couple of people watching right now if you would type in the comments right now for that there’s a link for that free training which is Thursday this week at 4:00 PM or I have another session at Sunday at 4:00 PM. which is the 13th of January so I’m doing on the 10th and the 13th of January. The type of there if you would please bit.lyboards/adds-jr you can attend this live training I’m going to show you the exact methods that we use on a daily basis I have ads running right now with the same methods.

I’m gonna teach you and they’re getting results and we’re making money so that’s kind of cool as well we want to do with Facebook is right we want to get results that we want to make money because that’s what it’s all about but we want to we want to do it correctly so you know anytime you hear about a way to do something and you think well I’ll just go get a whole lot like start kind of scan the system or whatever and this person wasn’t trying to do that because they just didn’t know but you know that’s not what you want to do. You don’t want to get random people to like your page. Now if you have any questions on this. This is a live video right now. It is said when I just said 7:27 Pacific Standard Time on the 9th of January 2019. Now if you’ve got a question and you’re not watching this live right now you’re watching it a day later or a week later a month later doesn’t matter doesn’t matter. You can still ask me a question and here’s why you can do that. Because if you put a comment in there and you’ve got a question about something I’ve just trained you on here or something that you just want to know about. Type it in the comments and what Facebook is going to do is they’re going to notify me that somebody does ask me a question and I will go back to this post and I’m going to answer your question. Pretty cool right. And guess what that cost you it’s free. Free cheap right. Free is pretty cheap.

So type your comments in there. I really really appreciate if you do that. Also the more comments we get in there the more distribution of this video that goes out and that’s pretty cool too because then more people see it. And then if you share this which is a really awesome thing if you could share this to your timeline or to your friends or whatever. I would super super appreciate that. And they’re going to look at this video and they’re going to go hey Don’s a pretty sharp guy. He knows all about this stuff in the video. Jessica’s pretty smart. She shared this video. So guys if you would do that I would certainly appreciate it. And don’t forget. Right. This is my shameless plug for something that’s free. Sign up for my free training which is tomorrow. You want to know how to use Facebook ads to actually generate money. And nothing’s better than being able to spend a dollar and get back to dollars. I mean that’s pretty darn cool. And with Facebook ads you know you can do that 24 hours you know some some people are trying to go for like 10 percent return on their money in a year or 20 percent in a year. Facebook ads if you know how to do it and you apply it correctly you can spend five dollars today and have ten dollars tomorrow. That’s pretty cool stuff.

OK so that’s what I’m going to be talking about overtraining That’s Thursday at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time or Sunday the 13th which is also gong to be 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time and you can get the inside scoop on how we run these ads and actually make money. So don’t forget even if you’re watching this video and it’s past the actual lifetime that I’m doing this video type your comments and there and I appreciate your comments. Even if you don’t have a question type in there you know hey I appreciate it or I don’t like that or that sucked or whatever it is I don’t care what is your comment is I just want comments and they’re really would help us out and I would appreciate your participation. So that’s all I’ve got for tonight. I don’t think I’ll be live again today. I went live a couple times and I posted a picture this morning some really won’t be alive again but I’ll still be thinking about it and still be thinking about you this Facebook ad. Don’t mess up your page. Don’t ruin your page by getting random likes on it. This is meant to help you out. So anyhow don’t forget to post your questions in there post your comments in there. Don’t forget to like and share this video and I’m probably going to talk to you tomorrow. Love to see you at the webinar 4:00 PM BIT.LY/adds-JR join me on a live training tomorrow or Sunday either one and I’ll see you there.

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